^Starting Over^

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I’m back.

It’s been around a year since I bothered to get on this blog. I could give the usual excuses of, “Oh, my phone app didn’t sync correctly and it made posting, in this world of anti-desktop life, incredibly hard.”

But we all know that’s a load of crap, don’t we? Okay, maybe not *entirely*, because I did switch carriers a few times and it was frustrating, but mainly, I haven’t been on here because of LIFE.

Brief Synopsis: Avery Pressley has found herself thrust into a world of crazy petsitting antics that occupy most of her weeks/weekends, thrifting and curating antiques for a store that she and her husband both operate out of, recent new homeownership, remodeling, and all the perks that come with that, and working part-time at a local bakery…meh on that last part.

So, that’s the shortest way I know how to explain what all has been going on. Life has been C-R-A-Z-Y. Crazier than this joke of a presidential election that has been going on, crazier than that deal I got at an estate sale last weekend(Hint: It was CRAY.), crazier than that guy breaking his leg at the Olympics. It’s been crazy.

I’m starting over. I’m the type of person that does that quite frequently, as certain family members have been apt to point out, especially in the realm of MY JOB. I start over ALOT, because I make ALOT of mistakes. But you know what? I don’t see it so much as quitting things right and left, I see it as realizing what I’m good at…and what I’m not so good at.

Who can forget the time I worked at a mold/remediation/suicide clean up business as a receptionist? Or that time I worked at a salon? I’ve worked at all kinds of different places and not all of them have worked out, for various reasons, but instead of seeing that as a downfall for my resume, I see it as experience.

Experiences are more valuable than things.

It’s a phrase that has been playing around in my head alot lately. I know what I want to do, its just..figuring out how to do it. I want to travel the world. And lately, I’ve been looking around at life, the world around me, people…and realizing that, none of that lasts. We all die. Some of us die today, some of us die tomorrow. The common argument that my parents like to give me is, “Well, you can travel the world when you retire and you’re older. You’ll have more money and time then, so that makes the most sense.”

I have more time than I realize, but money…I guess I see their point, but I’m not willing to give up my dreams. Call it selfish, call it stupid, call it what you want—I’m done caring. There’s been a shift in my viewpoint lately. You only live once. And it’s no longer going to be, “I’ll do that someday.”, but, “I’m going to make steps today, so I can do it tomorrow.”

I think sometimes we need to give ourselves permission to start over. To dream big. To say, “To hell with whatever society thinks.”

And I’m starting over on this blog also. I deleted alot of posts, but kept the one that made me blog famous, “10 Reasons I Hate the Dentist” and made me Freshly Pressed here on WordPress back in 2011. It’s crazy to think that’s where it all started—me ranting about tooth decay, dental hygiene and being compared to a lemon shark.

But we all have to start somewhere, right? And the sooner we get back up after we “fall”, the sooner we can hit the ground running.



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