Crap Happens

Yeah…so, life isn’t always perfect, unfortunately. We’ve been having some plumbing issues at our home, mostly between the two toilets and our bathtub. Basically, things have been backing up into the bathtub. It’s not very pretty. But, hey, at least we have indoor plumbing, right?

That’s me–always looking on the bright side. I even sing that song occasionally, just in the hopes that maybe things will turn around. I’m the type of person that likes to laugh at the sky when my umbrella turns inside out or go get a cup of coffee even though said plumbing issues are happening and I know that’s probably going to mean we shell out a few hundred dollars. What’s a cup of coffee, in the grand scheme of things? Sometimes, it’s sanity.

So, anyways, our house was built in the 1940’s. Things were bound to come up—no pun intended–and it’s the price you pay when you go for charm over cookie cutter houses in suburbia.

While I was laboring over the toilet with a plunger earlier this morning though, I couldn’t help but think about things on a deeper level. A house may look completely fine on the outside, but when it comes to things like plumbing, things can get dredged up.

Of course, I was mad too. I tend to get mad at appliances. I’m the type of person who thinks pleading with inanimate objects will make some sort of difference. (I’m looking at you, Keurig coffee maker. 😤)

As I was trying to fix things, I got frustrated. Sometimes briefly, when issues come up with the house in these last few months, I give myself over to the glorious daydream of What If.

What If, instead of buying the house, we had gone on a trip all over Europe?

What If, instead of buying the house, we had done something out of sheer impulse and LIVED, taking the time to travel?

Don’t get me wrong, I love our house, but sometimes I want to do the opposite of what everyone thinks I should. It seems like, once Tim and I got married, everyone pestered us about a house, kids, whatever is socially acceptable within society for us to be doing at any given point in our lives. And I wanted/want those things, but…I still have a lot of life yet to live, hopefully.

I feel impossibly stuck right now, but I’m trying to look on the bright side. I’ve been trying to find a new job or find a way to do things I love so I can travel the world. I should mention, I have a great petsitting business that I run on the side and it has taken off in ways I never really could have imagined! I am very grateful for it because it is something I love to do, which is take care of animals. And if the trend continues and I get busier and busier, I probably will quit my part time job at the bakery where I work.

As it stands now, it is mostly a safety net for now.

I’m sorry my last few posts have been kind of…negative. I just am really over it. Over drudgery and life being boring, over accepting what everyone else thinks is “normal”. And I’ve been using that as a catalyst to make some changes.

Nothing’s ever going to be perfect, but maybe some day soon, I’ll be my own boss instead of under someone else. 


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