Fall is Here! 🍂

A Musing

Fall is here! It’s taken long enough. 😏

In Tennessee, it seems like sometimes, September is either cooler, or more often than not, you’re still able to wear flip flops. We don’t seem to get a real “winter” until January and February, which I’m completely fine with!

I have been stocking up on sweaters I’ve found at thrift stores all through this summer because it seems like that’s the best time to find something: when you don’t even really need it yet. 😂

This is one such sweater, which I cut the shoulders out of. I have this thing with cutting things up. I cut pants and make them into shorts, I cut tshirts and make them into tanktops, and now, I cut up sweaters! 

It was bound to happen eventually.

I think it turned out really good! I usually like to find basic sweaters or stripe patterns like this because they go so well with everything. 

And combat boots just because…I LOVE THEM. I feel like I could beat someone up if I needed to, and they just look awesome.

So, that is my Fall OOTD at the moment! I may try and start spacing up some of my life posts with some about fashion or life in general or TRAVELING, which I am planning on doing very soon! 🌎✈️🗺

I may start leaving hints here and there about where I’m going too. 🙈 I am so excited and so ready to get out of Knoxville for a while! 3 more weeks!


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