OOTD #1 (Gotta Start Somewhere, Right?)

A Musing

This weather has been so a-m-a-z-i-n-g. I like when the weather outside finally starts to match how I feel and it lends itself to what I want to wear. 🙌🏻

All this summer, I searched for sweaters and things I could layer at local thrift stores and started hoarding them for this time of year. That’s actually a good tip.

THRIFTING TIP: Look for things when they’re not currently in season. For example, sweaters in the summer and tanks in the winter.

This mustard yellow sweater is one I scored for $3.99. It’s H&M! 👍🏻😍 I probably would have paid $15-$20 for it directly from their site! 

It’s the perfect sweater–baggy, cozy and longer in the back, so great with leggings! 

And of course, a patterned scarf I’ve had for a while! I’ve always gotten compliments on it–I just found it for clearance at JC Penny’s one year. Not normally somewhere I would even shop! 🤗

I believe that you don’t have to spend a fortune to look good and have a cool wardrobe!

What are some of your all’s favorite fall pieces?


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