New Orleans

A Musing

I’ve been hinting around that I’m going to be doing some more traveling soon, which makes me incredibly excited! 😬

Now, New Orleans isn’t where I’m going this time, but I’ve been reflecting on a trip I took there 2 years ago. It was pretty fun! One of the first trips I ever took with just a bunch of girls. For some reason, my parents never let me take friends along with us on vacation or they never let me really go anywhere with friends. 🙄(Definition: sheltered.) The closest I ever got to that was probably my senior trip, where I went to a Civil War reenacting camp where we wore hoop skirts(FYI, crickets LOVE crinoline and hoop skirts. I was picking those things out of my skirt for HOURS at the end of the day! 😱), but I digress! I may write a post on that later down the road.

New Orleans was an amazing city and I would definitely go back. The food, the history, the nightlife, um, THE FOOD. 🍤🍝🍗 Cafe Du Monde is just one of those places you can’t miss out on. We got served cafe au lait and beignets(Ben-yays!💃🏽) . The food in NOLA was on point, from the shrimp and grits I got at some place on Bourbon Street, to the brunch at The Ruby Slipper. Honestly, you can’t go wrong with shrimp and grits or crawfish down there anywhere! 

It was September when we went, close to my birthday, so it was hot. I also had the misfortune of having bangs on this trip. Bangs and humidity don’t mix, lesson learned, but this was a trip I went on when I worked at a salon. A hair show. That was an experience in and of itself!

This is the hotel we stayed in, right across from the Superdome, which I think was a Marriot. The pictures in this collage are before and after from Katrina.

I’m not going to lie, when I flew down to New Orleans, I wasn’t sure what to expect. My aunt and a few other people told me I’d get mugged and that it was a nasty, horrible town. That couldn’t have been father from the truth.

St. Louis Cathederal, Jackson Square

I was never scared at all on that trip. Then again, I was in a group of girls, but it was an awesome city. We took carriage tours, and learned about the French influence on the city, saw buildings where Napoleon Bonaparte himself had stayed, and toured a swamp, definitely the biggest highlight to me!

Seriously, if you’ve never been in a swamp, PUT THAT $h#+ on your bucket list! It was an amazing experience. We rode a boat that took off at incredible speeds, raising up out of the water it went so fast, and we saw crocodiles, wild boar and luckily for me, no large, indigenous spiders. 😳 #hardpassonthespiders

*Please ignore Ronald McDonald red hair and humidity afflicted bangs* 😂

We also went to a World War II Museum, one of the biggest in the country, if I’m not mistaken. I remember being really moved by a video that we saw there. And we, of course, had to pose as Rosie the Riveter!

If you’re planning a trip, by all means, go down to New Orleans. I think the best thing you can do is give a city a chance. Though there are parts of the city that still have Katrina’s handprints on them, it is a city that is resilient, a lot in the way that NYC was after 9/11. It’s deeply Southern, unapologetic about it, and rich in history.

You also NEED to check out the cemeteries down there. They are so beautiful, in a way that only some marble tombs, wrought iron and mausoleums can be. I think cemeteries can say a lot about how people themselves live. The same beautiful details in New Orleans cemeteries can be seen in their architecture, beautiful balconies, and cobblestone streets.

I loved New Orleans and would go back in a heartbeat, but I am setting my sights for this next trip on a place I’ve never been, a place decideably colder.

Any guesses on where I’m going? 

Also, have you been to New Orleans? What do you love about it?


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