Yesterday, I caught a rabbit. ❤️

She is the sweetest little thing! Her name is Twix. I didn’t plan on catching her, but…what can I say? I love a challenge!

We have had rabbits on and off since I was about 7. In that time, we have learned SO MUCH about them. It’s unreal. When you have outdoor rabbits, their scent attracts wild rabbits, so you end up seeing them in your yard everywhere. Rabbits like to mark their scent on different things, using their chins. (Iggy, one of the rabbits at my grandparents’, likes to do that to the watering can. 😂) Rabbits are literally paralyzed when you turn them over. They may seem really relaxed and their feet will twitch, but when you turn them on their back, it is actually a defense mechanism that they like to employ, pretending that they are dead. So, no, they don’t like it. They’re actually really scared.

Gosh, I could go on and on! They are fascinating and really so sweet! Well. Unless you count Gray Rabbit, this rabbit we had to release a few months ago. He was very…mean. He would lunge and hiss like a cat. Yeah, until him, I didn’t know rabbits could do that either!

I know it seems sad to have let him go, but…he kept scratching my grandfather’s arms and he bleeds very easily due to the medication he’s on, so…and I was afraid they would put him down at the shelter, monster that he was, so he now lives in a huge field and we go and see him from time to time. We’ve only seen him once, but he is doing well.

But anyways, back to TWIX. ❤️ She is a she. I actually almost hit her in my car about a month ago. She was sitting in the middle of the road and it was early in the morning, still dark out. I thought I was hallucinating at first, but there were 3 little bunnies! I was able to watch them get to safety. I’m thinking that someone let them go in the park near by and was just…tired of them. 😥 I’m not sure why though, because she is the sweetest, most adorable rabbit I have ever had.

Yesterday, when I went for a morning walk, I saw Twix again, but no sign of the other rabbits. So, I got closer to her and she came about half way to me, close enough to where I was able to catch her.

I walked with her the rest of the way home, cuddled in my arms. She didn’t resist, she just cuddled up against my chest. When I got back home, I wrapped her in a towel and sat her on my bed so I could brush my teeth and put my hair up. She stayed there, cuddled up.

I was able to get a cage from my grandparents and some food to get her started. She let me trim her nails. She has been eating really well—a whole carrot already!—and drinking her water. 

She seems extremely healthy. Her ears and eyes are in good shape. The only thing I could find was a possible bite or maybe lesion where she hurt herself. She let me put Neosporin on it. I am going to watch her, but she seems…relaxed and not like she is in any pain. Hopefully, it will heal on its own with some help and if not, we will go to the vet.

She is so calm for having been let loose. Not at all like some rabbits we have caught in the past, and we have caught SEVERAL.

I didn’t know it was possible to love a little animal so much, already! She just sits in my lap, as long as I hold her. She’s very quiet. I will continue to watch the abrasion on her shoulder and hope that it gets better. 

She is so adorable! Twix is set up next to Houdini, our hamster, where they can both look out the window at the falling leaves.


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