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A late Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and all of that to everyone! Here’s a cute picture of my adopted rabbit, Twix! ❤ She loved running and hiding under the tree this year for her first Christmas indoors. 

Quite a bit has been going on, actually. Now that the holidays are over, I can focus a little more. I went live on Facebook today and announced that I have written another book! 🎉 (My first book was a fictional murder mystery set in Boston in the 1890’s. Think Sherlock Holmes, but set in America. A Toast of Malice.

This book is all about my petsitting business! I have never been that much into “how to” books, but Tim was the one who encouraged me to write it. So, in between watching dogs and cats, I wrote this book in a month! Tim helped me to format it, and here we are today! 

A lot of people have expressed curiosity over what it is that I do, so I thought, what better way to explain it than in a book?! I like writing too, so why not combine those two talents? 

In my book, I give some background on how I got started and all the courage THAT took to quit my part time job and go at petsitting full time. I also talk about some cute stories and things that have happened while I’ve been petsitting, and more importantly, how to be your own boss.

It may seem like an easy thing, but it takes just as much time to get your brain to grasp the concept as it does to put it into motion! 😜 

This last year has been an insane ride. I’ve doubled my clients, doubled my income and had a lot of fun with all the animals I watch in the process! And I haven’t spent a dime on advertising! 😱

So, if you like a good inspirational short story/how to book, check out my book “Start Making Money Petsitting” by Avery Pressley on Amazon! Or, if fiction is more your thing, you can check out my murder mystery, A Toast of Malice: An Alexander Baines Mystery by Avery Pressley.

Also, since we’re sharing so many links here, my husband just started an awesome Etsy account for the homemade and unique lamps he makes and the Knoxville Trolley token bracelets and jewelry that I make! 🎉

He will probably have lamps up on there as soon as he completes some more, and I may venture into selling some vintage clothing online, which I ❤. So, stay tuned!


4 thoughts on “Petsitting News! 🐾

  1. You are one busy lady! I have done a bit of petsitting, and have lots of love for our pet and house sitter who looks after “the troops” while we are gone (our German Shorthaired Pointer and chocolate Labrador). It’s an important job.
    I’m also a lover of mysteries so I’ll be looking up your book. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Haha, yes, I am! 😂 Somedays definitely more so than others! And small world, that is so cool! And aww, I have watched a chocolate lab before, they are sweet—one that even shares my name, Avery! Which gets really entertaining at times! 😂 I love petsitting! And oh neat, I hope you’ll like it! I’ve always loved mysteries!

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