OOTDS (Layering with Skirts)

A Musing

Like I said in my post yesterday, I love layering when it gets colder outside and, luckily for me, it looks like it’s going to get colder this weekend. The plaid skirt I’m wearing above is one I got on eBay for $3! I love the pleats in it. I paired it with a graphic tee, beanie, tights, combat boots, and an oversized cranberry cardigan for a slouchy look.

I like skirts because they can be feminine, but they don’t always have to be. You can also play around with patterns and lengths. It’s hard to tell, but this is a polka dot skirt–it’s actually a tennis skirt! 😂–but I like it. I also found it for $3 at a thrift store.

It may seem hard to make an outfit incorporating a skirt, but it’s really not! 😜 Just play around with what sort of shirt you want to pair with one—a plain tee or a button down for a more professional look, or a tank or graphic tee  for a more casual one. 

I also like to play around with the shoes I wear. Combat boots give an edge, while short ankle boots give height and are fun. Tights give a more structured look, while knee socks are more fun. The red skirt I used in both of these pictures I got for $2 at a thrift store!

I ❤ thrifting so much! What’s your favorite way to layer or use a skirt in outfits?


5 thoughts on “OOTDS (Layering with Skirts)

  1. Great outfits. I actually hate Winter because I am a skirt girl and hate, hate, hate wearing trousers or jeans, so I do a lot of layering and wear lots of tights-and-skirts combos. I don’t have the greatest legs and, as someone in their 40s, I don’t want to wear anything too skimpy, so tights allow me to wear shorter skirts like the ones you’ve pictured and not look too Whitney-dressed-as-Britney-esque. I pretty much only shop at thrift stores (or op-shops as we call them in Australia). I love a good bargain and also don’t want to look like everyone else or buy all the “on trend” stuff in the chain stores.

  2. Great pics! I am a lover of plaid skirts too , and thrift stores. I own 4 different plaids, all of them purchased second hand for under $8 each. I wear them with tanks or camisoles under a cardigan, or sometimes just a big long tunic and then I layer the bottom. It gets really cold here so I will often wear tights or leggings under a skirt and then a pair of wool socks over boots. I’m loving the new sock cuffs and leg warmers that are in style this Year, too.
    Please keep the fun suggestions coming.

    1. Thanks! 😊 And that’s awesome!! Plaid has to be one of my favorite patterns. Sounds like you got them for great deals too! I love the sock cuffs and leg warmers too!
      And thanks! I’ve been playing around with what I blog about, I have so many different interests, it’s hard to pick one topic!

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