OOTD (The Power of Accessories)

A Musing

So, I’ve been in OOTD Mode a lot lately. 😜 Fashion has always been something that has interested me, always sort of lurking in the background. I am by no means an expert in it, but I do think it’s a lot of fun coming up with outfits! 👠 I also sell a lot of vintage/new clothes at a booth in my spare time. 
I have a confession to make, though: I ❤ scarves. It’s a rare day when it’s cold outside and you won’t also see me wearing a scarf. I own three gray scarves alone, but in my defense, one came with a sweater I bought, and one was a gift. Also, they are very different if you take the time to look at them. One is thick and cable knit, one is thin and short and basically just a loop, and the last one is layered and an infinity scarf that has tasseled ends.
I guess my point is, even though they are all technically “gray scarves”, they give off completely different looks and add different elements to different outfits. That’s what I love about accessories. 😍

Take this olive or army green dress, for example. Kind of boring by itself, right?

But if you add a SCARF, it can change the whole look.

Or even a belt to cinch it in, since it is sort of a flowy dress.

These are a few of my favorite belts. You can say I went through a Belt Phase a few years ago…😂

 The two on the left are true vintage and belonged to my aunt. I like the gray one because it is so unique with the triangle design. When I wear it, I usually let it remain the focus because it really stands out. The black one below it has little medallions on it and kind of gives off a pirate/biker sort of vibe. I have a black dress I like to pair it with. The belts on the right are more simple, so they typically go with more, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they end up in future outfits down the road! 

Here are some other scarves I own, but not all of them. 🤗 I tend to have neutral colors, but I also like crazy patterns! I’m scarf obsessed.

And finally, my OOTD from today. This army green and the orange in this sweater throw over are not colors I would normally pair together and I can honestly say I’ve never worn this “outfit” in its entirety like this before, but I’m liking it! 👍🏻

I switched out the ankle boots I’ve been wearing the past few days to my dependable and more casual knee length boots I got for Christmas. And, of course, I’m wearing a scarf. 😂

Now here’s a question for my followers: Do you like these OOTD posts? If you do, either like this post or leave a comment! 

I appreciate all my followers and all your all’s patience with me. I will probably still do lists, life updates, lifestyle pieces, and travel posts too, when I am lucky enough to go places! 🌎I have just been in the mood to do clothing posts lately. In any case, thanks for going on this journey with me as I find my voice. I think a lot of times with writing, we’re constantly evolving as far as content and what we are into goes. And here’s to 2017 and maybe being a little less sporadic and more focused when it comes to posting! 🥂


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