Venturing Towards Adventure

A Musing

   I think, if you were to ask people, the majority of them would be up for a trip, vacation, excursion, adventure of some kind. When you talk to people about going somewhere, their eyes light up, or you can see their weariness. You can almost sense their troubles, but for a brief moment, they let them go and just…imagine. 

Or, if you’re me, and you mention your desires to go places, more specifically Italy, people either roll their eyes and say it’s impossible, or tell you you will get killed by a terrorist. Now, I hated every math class I ever took and didn’t pay any attention in them, but I think the odds are more in my favor for getting to Europe than being killed by a terrorist. Or, at least, I hope they are, because if they aren’t, that would suck. 😫😤 And be very anticlimactic. 

Haters are gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate. Which is why I usually keep these dreams to myself…or to this blog, or when I’m asked point blank, I will say what I want to do. 

I’ve been trying to do more to make these dreams happen too. Actions speak louder than words. I’ve done all the research for places to stay in Italy, train travel, exchange rate, and time of year that’s best and cheapest to go, but would also appreciate any advice from readers out there that have been or are trying to go like I am! 

Most of my efforts have been in saving money. It’s never been hard for me to do; it’s actually sort of my first instinct. My problem is impulse buying, but I have been doing better the last few weeks, eating meals at home, questioning whether I really need this or that, or just holding something and saying to myself, Do you want trendy clothes or do you want to sun at a villa on the Amalfi Coast?

It’s hard when we live in a society that is all about instant gratification, but it can still be done. I’ve also been trying to sell stuff on our new etsy page, Edison’s Place. I put a link in my bio section here on the blog—I’ve been trying to regularly put things on there!

I’ve also been taking little Twix for walks. ❤ She is so stinking cute!!! Her harness has skulls on it; I think it’s a good reflection of her character. She’s such a killer. 😂

I also explored some different parts of town while I was petsitting the last few days. I actually took these foggy pictures this morning on a walk down by the Tennessee River. It was neat to just appreciate the beauty, something I’ve felt the need to do ever since we got back from our trip to Maine. 

I was looking for quotes about rivers earlier and this one struck me:

Rivers cut through rock not because of their power, but their persistence.

I will get there, eventually. It just takes a lot of willpower and persistence. 

If anyone else is out there struggling to achieve a dream or goal, just know you’re not alone! 😉 


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