OOTD: Dress+Gray, Black and Cranberry Acccents

So, another confession I have is this: I don’t dress up much lately. If I did, it would just be for the various animals I’m watching. 😜 Also, animals with long nails and tights don’t mix. 😳 At all. 

Today though, I decided I would. I thought it might improve my mood, and I was right! Sometimes, you just have to dress up for you, not for an occasion, not because you’re going somewhere, not for other people, just for you.

The dress in these pictures is one I’ve had for a while. It’s very loose and like a 1960’s sack dress when worn without a belt, so usually I will wear it with a belt. I like to wear these cranberry tights I have with it because it pulls that color out in the dress. I go between these gray boots I have and combat boots, and the combat boots won this time. 

I was going back and forth between these belts—both vintage and from my aunt. I decided on the black one for today because it was a little more my “style” today. And it matched my boots.

This outfit along with a jacket kept me nice and warm today. ☀️The temperatures have dropped, but they’re saying it’s going to be in the 60’s this weekend! What is up with that?! What’s the weather like where you all are? 


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