All That Sparkles ✨ (OOTD Accessories)

  I feel like jewelry can either make or break an outfit. 

  Whether it’s simple and classic, or vibrant and out-there, jewelry plays a key part in making an OOTD! 

I just had to share some of these vintage jewelry finds that I’ve posted on our etsy, Edison’s Place! 

These are brooch and clip on earrings sets from the 1950’s. I love how back then, they incorporated brooches into sets. They are sort of making a come back now. I feel like these would look great with a sweater set or vintage dress! Brooches are one of those little finishing touches that you don’t think to add, but when you do, they look great! 

Flowers tend to be popular, but I’ve seen animal brooches too. I just thought these were so neat, for the vintage lovers out there! I love all things vintage! ❤

Do you all go to estate sales and find things like this? What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever found?


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