Sometimes, you just have to check yourself. 

Sometimes, you realize you’re engaging in a certain behavior, having a bad violent or nonviolent (Hey, I don’t judge!) thought and you have to tell yourself, “SELF! We are better than this.”

Or, if you’re me, you wallow in self-depreciating pity. Just for a liiiiittttle while. 

As I told you all before, I’ve been doing Etsy, and honestly, it’s been kind of fun! 

I’ve been going to estate sales and finding awesome vintage finds, like this spider belt, and posting it on Edison’s Place, our page…

…on the other hand though, I’ve been kind of jealous of where some of my purchases are being sent off to. For example, we sold a pair of suspenders to COPENHAGEN, NORWAY. 🇳🇴 

Just. Wow. I can’t help, as stupid as this sounds, be jealous of an inanimate object that gets to go to such a far off town, probably being shipped down the canals and then arriving on the doorstep of a home that is probably like 300+ years old, whereas here in little Knoxville, Tennessee, we tear down most buildings before they reach 100 years old. 

As I unwound later that night after mailing the package at the post office with a candle, bath and a favorite book, I had to laugh at myself. For a brief moment, I was jealous of a pair of suspenders. I even contemplated the possibility of shipping myself through Etsy. After all, I am technically vintage…😂

  I’ve been making progress on saving for our trip to Italy, throwing any spare money into savings, skipping Starbucks and every other trick I can think of, and I can say we’re getting somewhere! We’ve also been doing Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace, so..that helps too! 🤗 It’s really helped us to budget.

  In the meantime, I have all my plans mapped out, I’m just trying to get the funds. Story of my life. 

In the meantime though, I will enjoy finding things at estate sales and petsitting, and I will occasionally wonder about the adventures and journeys one pair of navy men’s suspenders will be going on all the way across the ocean.

P.S Thanks for all the recent follows and comments, guys! I like reading what you all have to say and checking out your blogs too! I can’t believe I have almost 200 followers! 😱


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