Petsitting♥️:Going My Own Way

So, my schedule has been pretty full with petsitting lately! Next week, I get to watch some basset hounds+a cat and the rest of this month is going to be crazy! 😜

  I really like that some days, I don’t know where I’m going to end up or who I’ll be watching. It’s definitely an interesting job! I think the most rewarding thing, other than watching cute dogs, cats and occasionally a pig, is that I’m doing this on my own. 

  I was thinking back the other day on a time where I was working for someone else, someone who didn’t appreciate the things I did for them, and how miserable I was. 

   And it made me realize—not only was I surrounded by fake people, but I wasn’t living my genuine life. I think, sometimes things fall apart because they’re not meant to be, that way we can thrive and do what we’re really meant to do. Petsitting may not be what I do the rest of my life, but…I feel so much more in sync. I think I’m where I’m supposed to be.

 I love getting to see all of these faces!

These are the most common questions/misconceptions people have about petsitting:

Do you just…pick up poop all the time?💩

No. Sometimes, it’s a messy job, but a lot of times I’m actually playing with pets, feeding them, taking care of them, cuddling with them or just taking adorable pictures of them. 📷

You’re married. How does that work?

Just like any other job. Sometimes, I travel or am away for work, but it doesn’t really keep me from things I normally do, like laundry. Some weeks, I have a lot of downtime, so it really balances out.

You’re your own boss and get to make your own schedule.

I am my own boss. And I do get to consistently make my own schedule, so this one is pretty spot on! ✔️

Petsitting…is it really a “job”?

Definitely! To some people, their pets are everything and just like children. It’s a fun job, but definitely still work. I like to think of myself as a concierge: I’m there to answer questions or communicate with pet owners, but when it comes to me staying in their homes, I try to leave as little trace of my presence behind as possible. 

I am so glad that I started this journey and started working for myself! Do you have any questions about petsitting? Have you done any yourself?


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