❤Abandoned Puppies❤

  This last Saturday, we got an unexpected phone call from someone at the church we go to. They found two, adorable, but scared and hungry puppies near the air conditioning unit.

   They were sisters from the same litter. We believe they were mixed with pit and something else and couldn’t have been older than 2 months. 😥 It makes me so sad when this happens to pets—usually, because the owner doesn’t sterilize their own pets. We think that someone left the puppies at the church, hoping someone would get them and take care of them.

  They knew to beg at the church door, they even knew what a kennel looked like when they rode home in one with us. They were also very cuddly, so I think they had been handled recently.

  These puppies were so cute! 🐶 We kept them from Saturday to Monday, but we had to make the hard decision that we wouldn’t be able to keep them for the long term. 😔 It was really hard to give them to the shelter. My mom and I cried when we took them. 

  These puppies were extremely intelligent, halfway to being pottytrained, and loved cuddling in our laps. We put ice cubes on the floor and laughed when they would chase them. 😂 We hope that they will get adopted together since they love being together. 

  I wish I could have kept them, but my plate is already full having a rabbit, hamster and watching everyone else’s pets on a weekly basis.

   I really do support #AdoptDontShop. I think that a lot of times, the best pets just come to us, the way 🐰Twix🐰 did when I caught her down the street, or when we find them at shelters and adopt them.

    I know these puppies are a single instance, but it does make me sad to know that there are puppy mills out there and I have seen the damage they can do. I have watched a little pug named Melvin who has paralyzed backlegs from being born and kept in a cramped cage where other puppies walked all over him. 

  I just wanted to share the story of these adorable puppies and kind of make an educational post/plea to everyone who reads my blog. Please #AdoptDontShop, or even if you can’t do that, foster pets that need a temporary home along the way to their permanent ones. And please, please spay and neuter your pets when you can!



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