📍 C l i n t o n, T N 📍

A Musing

    Clinton, TN. It is located in Anderson County, not too far from my hometown. There are many ways to get there. You can take Clinton Highway all the way out or jump on the interstate and ride it out towards The Museum of Appalachia.

  No matter how you get there, you’ll be glad you did. This little southern town looks a lot like a movie set with all of its faded, brick storefronts that, to me, symbolize a more simple time. Pure Americana. It’s a town chock full of old antique stores, little diners and even an old fashioned movie theater that, yes, is playing Beauty and the Beast right now. It said so on its old school marquee.

  Clinton has many antique stores and is so known for it, that they boast two antique street markets, one that is coming up this summer and another in the fall.

  I love to come to Clinton to explore, looking at old doors and just admiring the architecture. It’s a cool little place and has some good eats too. 

Hoskin’s Drug Store boasts an excellent burger 🍔, as does The Apple Blossom Cafe, further down Main Street. I haven’t tried Hoskin’s milkshakes, but have heard they are awesome too! 🍦 Another favorite of mine is Cadence Antique’s—part antique store, part cafe. 

  So, if you need a cool retro place to check out in East TN, put Clinton on your list! And if you’re in town for the antique street market, definitely come! If chipped paint, rusty parts and long forgotten artifacts of the past are your thing, you’ll definitely find something!


3 thoughts on “📍 C l i n t o n, T N 📍

  1. Love your blog. Please let me know how you like mine as well. Pictures are flawless. Sounds like a great place to visit.

    1. Thanks! 😊 I like your blog too, especially the post combining travel and fashion! And aww, thank you! I love photography. 😍 Clinton is an awesome place to visit if you’re ever around this way! 🌎👍🏻

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