{ denim+kicks+graphic tee } OOTD

A Musing

  The last few days have been so busy for me! I am looking forward to having a few lazy, pet-free days up ahead. The weather was perfect yesterday! 

Yesterday’s OOTD was pretty simple, but comfortable. These are the kind of outfits I live for: layered, casual and neutral. I have so much blue and gray in my closet, two of my favorite colors! 🤗

 I just slipped on some leggings, this cool graphic tee I found for $5 that says “Make Your Own Magic”, a denim shirt thrown over that, and my gray tennis shoes from Target. The leggings I had to fold up a little to get that cropped/ankle look. 😜 I had a great pair that was cropped like that, but they got so many holes in them I had to throw them away! So, I’ll have to find another pair soon. 

   I like showing a little bit of skin as it starts getting warmer…without wearing shorts necessarily. I am so pale! 😫😂 Hopefully, I can get some sun the next few days if it doesn’t rain. ☀️ I may hang out with Twix, my rabbit, in the backyard. We’ve relocated her to a little hutch back there where she can go down a ramp and into an enclosed space and eat some grass! She is loving it. 

But back to OOTD. 🤗

What are some of your all’s favorite tricks for transitioning into spring and warmer weather? What’s your favorite, go-to casual outfit? 


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