{ crochet serape+blue jeans & booties } OOTD

A Musing

Two posts in one day! 🙌🏻 I had the time so I thought, why not?!

  The serape in this picture is one I found at a thrift store in Clinton for $2.99! It’s not something I would normally pick out for myself…when I first picked it up, I thought it might be a tree skirt or something. 😂 But no, it was in the clothes!

 It’s handmade and crocheted and I fell in love with the colors, which remind me of the sky. I also loved how breezy it is since it has no sleeves. I imagined myself wearing it with jeans or shorts over a tank top for an effortless look. It would be good right now in the spring and even as a transitional piece going into fall later in the year.

Like I said, not normally something I would ever pick out for myself, but I like it! It’s cozy, handmade, blue—my favorite color 💙— and gives a threadworn, down home sort of look. Plus, I like the tassels on the end! What do you all think?

Do you all have something handmade in your closet? If so, what is it?

P.S. 233 followers! How amazing are you all?! I’ve enjoyed the new follows and checking out some of your all’s blogs too!


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