Thrifting OOTDs

A Musing

   So, I was in Target the other day and came across these shorts. They were black, jean material and distressed with holes in them. They were $22.99. What made this funnier to me was that…I was wearing an identical pair that I thrifted at Goodwill and only paid $6.99 for. 

  I was so excited that I tracked my husband down in the stationary to show him and he got it immediately. “What?!” he had said, “That’s crazy! How much are they?” When I told him, I saw a look of disbelief and then pride on his face, kind of like I was feeling. “I’m going to take your picture!” he had declared.

  When you get into thrifting, you get a thrill when things like this happen. You have this moment of, “Heck yeah! I saved some money!” It’s addictive. Once you start, you can’t stop. 

  The Harvard shirt pictured here is another thrifting find. It, like the shorts, was a little project of mine. It was a tshirt I cut up into a tank, and the shorts were originally pants. 🤗 I got tired of putting my faith in the retail industry, which insists on selling an inch or two of fabric they call “shorts” for $24.99 and up and decided, you know what? I can make my own.

  I set out yesterday, the day before Easter, to thrift my Easter OOTD. 🐣Kind of on a whim. I thought I would just wear something I had, but then I decided I wanted something else. We all know how that is. 🙄😂

I ended up scoring this entire outfit, minus the choker and tennis shoes, which I already had.

  The floral dress is one from Old Navy, a really nice one. Normally, they retail for $24.99, but I got mine for $8! 😱 Pretty awesome. 

  The cardigan is Bongo brand, and it would normally sell for $16.99 in stores. I got mine for $5. 🙌🏻  So, all in all, my Easter OOTD was under $15!

  What do you all think? Do you like thrifting? Also, what do you think of this look? I like dresses, but also love dressing them down and being more casual with tennis shoes. It’s my go to look right now. 👀 

Also, from me and Twix, hope you all have a Hoppy Easter! 💕


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