Asian Markets, Pacman OOTD & Coffee ❤️☕️

  Today, I went on another adventure with my brother, Pierce. Today was full of my favorite things: Chai, big wall murals, Asian markets, Pacman & Pocky. 😽

  We went to K•Brew, another one of my favorite local coffee places here in Knoxville. I always get their chai latte, one of my go-to drinks. I only drink coffee like 48% of the time. I actually like tea just a tinnnny bit better. It still gives me my caffeine boost. 🔋

  Outside K•Brew, they just finished up this awesome “Greetings Knoxville” wall mural, so next time you’re in town and need a cup of joe and an Instagram worthy picture, head there. 

  Today I also wore one of my favorite thrifted vintage tees as part of my OOTD. Its a Pacman tshirt, and it has Japanese on it! 😱 I cut it into a tank(naturally) and cut some slashes in the back of it. I think if I were an old arcade game character, I would be Pacman. Maybe because I eat on the go, maybe because I’m running from my ghosts. Whoa, that just got deep. 😵😂 Annnyyyways…


  I also went and explored Sunrise Supermarket today. I love that place. I love everything when it comes to Asian cuisine. If I could plant a rice paddy in my backyard, I would. I love the vegetables, the flavors, the cute packaging on things, and POCKY. 😍

 I got my matcha fix today too. Today was, all in all, a good day! Sometimes, I like to just get out and go to some of my favorite places, especially when I can go with family or friends! 


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