Making the Most of Monday

Monday. Ewwww.

 For some reason, Monday has become one of the nastiest words in our culture. When we think of Monday, we usually think of prying ourselves out of bed after a not-long-enough weekend and going to a job we hate, commuting through traffic and…you get the picture.

  Sometimes though, Monday’s can be really productive. You just have to get yourself into the right mindset! 

  We just got back from a conference and have been going nonstop; shipping out things on our Etsy, husband mowed the lawn, I’ve been back into petsitting, posting more stuff to Etsy, along with catching up on laundry, cleaning the windows(A bird bombed our windows while we were gone. 🙄) and other household stuff. I actually don’t mind laundry. I am dreading the eventual trip to the grocery store I have to make sometime this week because we really need groceries.

  Maybe in a way, that’s how I view Monday. You have to endure Monday, so why not do it on your terms? After all, Monday is just any other day, just like Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday…

Here are a few things that have helped me make the most of my Mondays and the rest of the days in the week!

1) Keeping a schedule/To Do List

  My planner saves my life. I know you can put most things in your phone calendar now, but there’s something about writing it down that helps me to remember appointments with clients. Also, with pet sitting, it helps to have it all out in front of me in a planner so I can map my trips and maximize my time. To Do Lists help me a lot too! I usually jot them down in a note on my phone and delete the tasks as they get finished!

2) Accept your limits.

Know that you are only one person and you may not get to everything in one day, and that’s okay. It’s better to be open to possibility than locked down too hard to a schedule or beating yourself up about what didn’t get done.

3) Have things to look forward to.

  I try to get through harder days by remembering that tomorrow is coming. I try and schedule fun things to do at the end of the week so I have something to push towards!

  I hope you all are having a good Monday! ✨ I am still coming down from our trip and can’t wait to go on another one! These busy days ahead will help to push me and save more and more for my next big trip! I love traveling so much and can’t wait to do more of it! 🌎


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