\\Where You’ve Been//Where You’re Going//

  I think, a lot of times, when we say we want to travel, we are looking for perspective. It’s nice to get away for a while. Sometimes, we’re too close to our own lives to see potential, or see things that other people might see from being around us for only 5 minutes. 

  Maybe they would see that we put up with crappy relationships or we sell ourselves short. Maybe they would see that we are too worried about what other people think. I think that’s part of the reason I like to travel. You uncover truths about the world, see things from another perspective…and come back to your own life and see things you were to close to see before.

  These are pictures of me as a kid. I’m not very “country” at all, but if we were talking about personality pics, this one would sum me up pretty well. Hands in pockets. Looking off to the side. Mischievous, but quiet. Laid back. 

  Things you might not be able to tell from this picture:

 I’ve always loved to read. So much so, that I went to the library for recess one day in 3rd grade and stayed hidden in the stacks of books for hours until someone found me and I had read through a few books.

I suck at math. Algebra, statistics, really any kind of math. People start mentioning numbers, I walk the other way or change the subject.

  I’ve been through some shitty stuff. I’ve also had good things happen to me.

I didn’t graduate college.

I have stacks—like an old tote full of notebooks I filled from 7th-12th grade. I used to write more than socialize during high school.

I have a way of seeing through people. I think they call it “discernment”, when you just know someone is being fake or a situation is not good. I can’t really explain it to other people.

Hydrangeas are my favorite flower.

Chai lattes(iced) are my favorite.

I don’t care what most people think, but when someone attacks a personal dream of mine, it’s crushing. 

  It’s good to know where we’ve been…so we know where we’re going. I guess, I was inspired to write this entry because of how young I am in these photos. That girl didn’t care. She did what she dreamed about doing and didn’t give a crap what anyone said to try and dissuade her.

 That girl also didn’t know where her life would lead her. To an awesome husband who loves thrifting as much as she does. To a house, one she hates to clean sometimes, but it is pretty cool to say she owns. A much nicer car than she had before, one that she paid off in only a year. To a rabbit and hamster, too tiny little furry things she never thought could be so special to her. To a time in her life where…there’s nothing to lose.

  This is my year. A year to travel and just do things. Life is short. 

  I think that there are endless possibilities. And anyone who doesn’t? I don’t care. I’m not jaded, despite what’s happened to me. I see opportunities, everywhere. I’m ready to make things happen.

 And I think that little girl in the pictures would be proud of me, for interpreting life in my own way and turning it into what I want. ✌🏻

  Don’t stop believing in yourselves, people. I know that is cliche to say, but just. Don’t. You can do anything. Sometimes life doesn’t take us where we expect it to, but we make the most of it when we get there.


3 thoughts on “\\Where You’ve Been//Where You’re Going//

  1. Very nice piece of writing. Brava! Come check my blog out if you want…. my stories are very different from yours, but me too I loved to read and hated maths ​before life took me in different directions. And I am an endless traveler…

  2. You go, girl! I’m quite sure that cute little girl would be amazed and oh so proud of how far you have come already, and ready for more adventures 🙂 Keep up that positive spirit – it helps all of us. Cheers!

    1. Thank you! 😄 Yes, I am ready for waaay more adventures! And thanks, I try! Some days it’s harder to be positive, but then I remember all the things I have to be thankful for! Cheers! 🥂

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