{little black dress+booties} OOTD ✔️

  So, I found a little black dress on clearance at Marshall’s the other day. 💕

   Only $10! I really want to like patterned stuff and find “different” looking things, but you can’t go wrong with black or basic colors since they go with everything! 

  I also really liked the criss/cross detailing on this dress, a trend I’ve been wanting to embrace since it got started forever ago, but I didn’t want it going down to my navel. 😂😳

   I paired it with these black booties I’ve had for a while now and didn’t know what to wear with. I got them at Gabe’s for only $7.99! 😱 I threw on a bracelet after I took this picture and some cactus earrings that my grandfather got me back when I was in middle school, which I love. My grandfather used to work at Y12 and was constantly going to Mexico for years, so I reaped the rewards in the form of super cool Southwestern jewelry, which I still wear whenever I get a chance.

 Anyways, simple goes a long way when it comes to clothes! I do love me some funky accessories though. What do you all think? Do you like to go more bold with your clothes and understated with your accessories or vice versa? 


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