1969 Time Capsule

Today has, all around, been an adventure. 

  I’ve been staying and petsitting in an old farmhouse,the roof of which has been graced by peacocks, which I saw this morning while I was enjoying a cup of coffee, but couldn’t get a picture of. ☕️ They were beautiful, their heads a vibrant blue. They flew off when I accidentally scared them. 🤗

  As it is with petsitting, sometimes you have some downtime. I tend to get out during the day and run errands, go thrifting and do some side hustling jobs, whether that’s baking a red velvet cake for someone one week or making bracelets out of vintage trolley tokens the next. 

  I also love going to estate sales. Today was sort of bittersweet–I hit the jackpot, but a day too late, so this sale was picked over. However, I still enjoyed myself because this house? It was amazing. 😱

It was a vintage lover’s paradise. 😍 A time capsule. It was a mansion by 1969’s standards, when it was built. I lost count, by I think there were 4-5 bathrooms, all more ridiculous and carpeted than the next! 

Beads, colorful shag carpet, phones in every room, even the bathrooms 😂, angles & lines, flower wallpaper everywhere, an entire wall made up of mirrors…I live for these kinds of sales.

  I like stepping back in time. It’s as if you’re back in the 1960’s and nothing has changed. If you were to stay there, without social media or tvs, you might be able to convince yourself that a bob and blue eyeshadow might suit you and that Richard Nixon is still president. 


  I just had to share this one with you guys! It was so cool, just admiring the mid mod architecture—I missed out on the furniture! 😫 which all sold—and walking around. 

 Very few homes are kept up this well or have so many cool things still in them, including fixtures and wallpaper some people might call “dated”.

And, I didn’t leave completely empty handed! Sometime soon, I’ll have to show you all the retro, orange rotary phone I got! I may or may not put it on my Etsy, I haven’t decided. 🤔 It’s pretty neat!

 What is your all’s favorite decade, if you had to pick one? What time would you like to time travel back to?


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