{hoodie dress+tennis shoes} OOTD

  Today has been a rainy, gross day that hasn’t made me want to do anything. 😑

  For that reason, I’m more casual today. I love that athleisure wear has become universally accepted. I like to look pulled together, but sometimes comfort and being casual wins over. I think athleisure is the best of both worlds. 🌎

 This hoodie shirt was one I got at Ross. I got it thinking I’d wear it with leggings in fall or winter, but it also makes a pretty great dress or could even be a coverup going to the beach or something.

  I paired it with my newer white tennis shoes I got from Rue 21. There was one closing around here, so I got a pretty good deal on them. 👍🏻

  What are you all doing this weekend? Hope you all are having fun and spending time with the ones you love! 


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