You’re Not Them

   Sometimes, I get really sick of people. Just, in general. I’m the type of person who likes to socialize, but when I’m done, I’m just done. I’m an introvert, and the way that I recharge is by being alone, by myself, doing whatever I feel like doing at that moment. I think that’s why I like being an introvert. Because I make my own schedule and I don’t have to confer with other people and make sure I don’t step on toes and I don’t have to ask, “Hey, do you want to go thrifting? Or watch this tv show? Or do this thing I’ve been wanting to do?”, I just do it.

  I’ve sort of just come to accept the fact that…I’m different and I do my own thing. I have a few select friends that I hang out with, but I’m just one of those people that others take for granted or like to hang with and ditch or treat like crap, for whatever reason. If I ever find out why that is, I’ll let ya know.

  ANYways…today has been one of those days where I’ve just been really down. I’ve had a mild headache and just kinda..not been in a good mood, for what reason, I can’t tell you. I woke up. I’ve even ran for the last 3 days straight, which has given me an adrenaline rush. I made myself an iced chai latte, have been steadily kept busy with petsitting gigs, I even got to hang out with family today, go to the zoo…so, I don’t know why I’ve been in such a sucky mood. Have you ever just been in a really crappy mood and you DON’T even know why really?

  Sometimes, I think it comes down to that stupid comparison thing I do. I think I’m doing such an awesome job at life, and then I hear about other people who are going to exotic places, are only 20 years old and already own a home and are renting another one, or people that just have these ridiculous opportunities that come their way.

  I deflate a little, especially when the person is younger than me. I start to feel behind, like I screwed something up or I missed something. 

   But then I have to remind myself… YOU’RE NOT THEM. 


Who cares if someone is renting houses and getting extra income and they’re barely even legal yet? 

Who cares if someone travels all the time for their job and meets famous people on a daily basis?

Who cares if people gush and only post the good stuff on Facebook and social media?

Who freaking cares?!?!

 Today has been a day where I’ve just felt like crying, for no damn reason. I’m just super emotional right now, probably because the painters and decorators are in, to quote Bend It Like Beckham. 🙄

 If you’re anything like me, just remind yourself: YOU ARE YOU. NOT THEM.

 Tomorrow is a new day. I’ll be petsitting a lot, also painting a piece of furniture and I fully intend to take advantage of some pool time. ✌🏻 Maybe tomorrow will be a better day.

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