{coke shirt+high waisted acid wash shorts} OOTD+American Pastimes 

  Mimi and I went out to some estate sales today. ✌🏻 It’s become our go-to thing to do on Fridays and weekends and it’s so fun! I dressed casually in some of my favorite, high waisted, acid wash jean shorts I made myself and an old Coke/Coca Cola shirt that is one of the most comfortable shirts I own and LOVE.

  I mean, I’m not even a Coke drinker, but their label is iconic, you know?

  Today on our adventures, I found this awesome vintage baseball bat. Solid wood. Regulation size. Just amazing looking. It says “Winner” on it, which is cool. It’s funny how one word can stick out so much when it’s etched into something. I just kept running my fingers over that word, winner. We all want to be winners in our own lives. I read a quote that said, Winners don’t wait for chances, they take them.

  I’ve polished the bat up with some coconut oil and wood butter and it looks brand new. Also, I’m getting some serious Negan from The Walking Dead vibes off of it. 😂

 Along with playing some of America’s favorite pastime in my backyard with my baseball bat and a baseball I found under a bush in my flower bed(don’t ask 😂), I indulged with one of America’s favorite meals: just your every day, classic hamburger + fries. The left side of my brain said, “Salad!”, but the right side of my brain said, “Treat yo self!”

  I don’t eat red meat often, but if you’re ever in Knoxville, stop at Litton’s for a burger. 🍔 It is by and large one of my favorite places to get one, along with a few other select secret haunts and the perfect place to go when you’re feeling like a carnivore. ✌🏻

  So, anyways, that was my day. Hope you all have a fantastic weekend with great weather, great company and great memories made! 


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