{jean shorts+graphic tee+checkered flannel+tennis shoes} OOTD

  I love summer, but one thing I do miss is being able to layer. 😫 Sometimes, it’s just too hot to do that though! The other day though, it rained and the temperature dipped down just enough that I could justify doing it.

  I’ve been wearing these shorts and tennis shoes nonstop it seems like! 😂 They just go so well with everything. I also threw on this one tshirt I have that I love because it’s burgundy, but rarely sees the light of day, along with a different checkered flannel. 

  I love flannels or button up shirts because you can wear them so many different ways! Buttoned up and just as a shirt, unbuttoned over another shirt as more of a light jacket, or tied around the waist later when it gets too hot.

  What do you all think? Do you miss layering in the hotter months? Do you all have any tricks you use to still do it? And what do you think of button down shirts being worn around the waist?

(P.S. Shout out to my little rabbit, Twix! 😍🐰 She is so adorable.)


5 thoughts on “{jean shorts+graphic tee+checkered flannel+tennis shoes} OOTD

    1. Thank you! 😊 Twix is such a sweet rabbit! It’s sort of a long story, but I found her when someone else let her go! 😥 I still can’t believe they would do that–she is the sweetest thing ever!

      1. Haha, thanks! 😂 And yes, that was my husband’s idea. We kept trying to come up with names and it was that or Truffle! 😂 Almost everyone mishears us and thinks we are calling her, “Tricks” or “Twit”! That last one sounds like more of an insult and I’m always like, “Why would I name my rabbit that?!” 😂

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