Getting Instagram Worthy Pictures While Traveling

  Instagram. A word that has become synonymous with trendy millennials posing against color blocked walls, over priced but oh-so-delicious looking iced coffees, flat lays and POV(point of view) pics.

  Now, I’m a millennial too, so don’t crucify me! 😂 I’m 26 and just made the cut, so I can technically sit with you guys. I just feel old sometimes when I get called out in the Disney store, but then people ask for my ID all the time when I play the lottery, so it’s all good. 👌🏻

  ANYwho…I just got to thinking, Instagram is definitely my favorite social media platform. I like getting to show other people my life through a lens. Now, I am by no means “Instagram Famous”. In fact, I’m just now playing around with my “aesthetic” (Definition-branding and posting things in a similar color scheme. It’s frustrating, but looks so amazing when done correctly!)… so, feel free to not take my advice! Or, hey, even post in the comments some of your tips for using Instagram.

 But here are a few things I’ve been trying to work into my Instagram lately and how I try to get the best pictures while traveling!

1. Plan out your feed AND your day.

  When you’re traveling, sometimes plans go out the window, but I just try to make sure I have a fully charged phone so I can get pictures throughout the day. I’m a big believer in the #latergram, especially now that I’ve been trying to get all artsy with my feed. Sometimes, certain pictures just won’t fit in with your theme and what you’re going for, but the more pictures you take, the better.

2. Try different angles.

 Sometimes, I get hung up on doing the same things. Try mixing it up with a flat lay of things you brought while traveling, things you’ve found along the way, things you’ve eaten on your travels…preferably before you eat them. 😳 I love Point of View pictures because I can still have, say, my feet or part of my body in the picture, while also incorporating my surroundings. A good example of this would be sticking your feet in a pool. Don’t be afraid to change it up!

3. Ask people to snap a picture and use Burst Mode. 

  You can never go wrong with a full body picture for Instagram, it screams, Someone else took this picture of me! Sometimes though, I feel a little awkward even having my husband take a picture of me because then I’m like…what do I do with my hands?! I’ve found shooting in Burst Mode on the iPhone is nice because you get several shots to choose from, including some candids that look more natural. It’s also great for pictures when you want to jump in front of a cool looking wall. Side note: You will want pictures of yourself jumping in front of a wall. It’s just something you do. It’s super trendy, like Netflix. And…pyramid business schemes. So…yeaahhhh.

4. Focus on what you love. 

 For me, traveling is obviously a love, but I also love thrifting, coffee, animals, estate sales, incredible views…so, I just try to incorporate those things into my posts. Don’t be afraid to be different either!

5. VSCO, Snapseed & Whitagram.

  I really like my pictures to look nice, but I don’t want to spend all my time editing when I could be enjoying the moment and the trip I’m on! For that reason, I’ve chosen some presets in VSCO. This way, I just click paste and edit a bunch of pictures all at once! It’s very cool. Snapseed, I just use if I want to tweak a little more. Whitagram is an app I use to crop my pictures and get a white border. I know, I know, so passé! 

  When Instagram first came out, it seemed like everyone was into spacing between pictures and then it just disappeared. I wasn’t into it then, but I kind of like it now because it’s not what everyone else is doing and it gives my Gram space to breathe.

 So, what are your tips and tricks for having a hot Instagram? I want to know! Also, let’s follow each other!


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