Summertime Sadness

 I know what you’re thinking. And yes, I love Lana Del Rey. ❤️ I’ve made some excellent summer memories to her songs.

  But what about real summertime sadness? I think in some forms, it really can exist. Sometimes, I’ve found I get this crazy sadness or jealousy that comes out of nowhere, mostly when people are constantly sharing pictures of their luxury vacations on Facebook. 😑

  It’s something I’ve been working on and it’s a work in progress. Traveling is such a high. I think sometimes, you envy the feeling other people get when they travel, sometimes just as much as the destinations. 

  So, a better question is…what do I do when I can tell those feelings are coming on? I don’t think there’s a definitive answer for that, but here are some things I have been doing to combat “summertime sadness”.

1. Just get out. 

Get the heck out of dodge. Hey, maybe you can’t jump on a plane right at that moment, but just leave your house. Go run. Go somewhere local in your town that you’ve never been before. I find that running helps me when I’m stressed or mad about something. I just go and tune everything out for a while.

2. Unplug. But no, seriously. Unplug it all.

Before you unplug your microwave—hey, they’re useful! Don’t go getting crazy!—I’m talking about phones. I try and do a social media purge every couple months or so. Sometimes, it’s a great tool for keeping up with other people’s lives, other times I want to cry into a pillow or throw my phone away because it’s just too much noise. We all can use a break sometimes. Besides, people know how to get a hold of you if they really need you.

3. Stop watching other people make plans and make your own. 

Easier said than done, right? We all don’t have unlimited cash and we can’t just go anywhere we want, anytime. That’s why, for the last year and a half, I’ve been saving up for Italy. A lot of trips may seem impromptu, but people have been saving for years. Or, you know, going into debt, which no one wants. My advice to you would be, start making your OWN plans. Research, book tickets, figure out ways to save faster, and just DO the thing. ✌🏻

4. Really need to leave NOW, though? 

Take one of those impromptu trips! I’ve done it a few times. One time, my husband was like, “Want to go to Charleston?” and we just did! They can be a few hours from your hometown + super cheap, AND you get out of town for a weekend! Sometimes, it’s that, or your sanity.

5. Treat yo self.

I know, I know—it’s the opposite of saving money and being frugal, but sometimes it’s nice. Go on a date. Do something like bowling, going to a movie or something you normally wouldn’t do. Changes of scenery don’t always have to be far off, distant locales, sometimes it’s nice to just try a different restaurant or do something simple!

 Good luck to everyone forging forward this summer and saving for trips, going on some or just making plans! You’ll get there! 🌞🌴


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