Independence Day Vibes 

 Happy 4th of July, a day late! 

  My 4th was spent wearing a flag tshirt (because you’re not American if you don’t have a flag tshirt 😂) and selling hot dogs down at The World’s Fair Park. It rained some, but we all had fun and got to see the fireworks at the end. 💥 

  It’s really crazy to think that this country is 241 years old. And I know that a lot of countries like us, but a lot of countries hate us. That makes me sad. Sometimes I wish I could know what other people are thinking. One of the biggest reasons why I want to travel the world is to experience other cultures and appreciate them.

  I think, a lot of times, people accuse other people of “cultural appropriation”, but I think really, people are just trying to show their love of different people’s cultures and they’re not trying to be offensive. Anyways…I have always thought that The Revolutionary War and period surrounding it is so interesting. It’s a time I would go back to, if I ever had a time machine.

  I’m curious, for my readers who are from different parts of the world, what are some things that you feel like define your country?

  For America, the one word that always comes to me is: freedom

Anyways, Happy 4th to my American readers out there!


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