{lilac tee+high waisted shorts+sandals} OOTD

 I hadn’t done an outfit post in a bit, so I’m documenting a really casual OOTD today.😜

  Also, I bought something new and not used, which I hadn’t done in a while. Of course, I still felt this compulsion to take scissors to it, which I did, but…ANYways. You have your hobbies and I have mine! 😂 The “new” part of my outfit is my tshirt, one I found at Ross. I loved the color of it! It’s more of a lilac color. I really like muted colors when it comes to tshirts.

  The shorts are some I wear pretty often and the sandals are some black ones I got at Off Broadway Shoes for under $20 a few summers ago.

  I felt more put together than most days today. Maybe because both my toenails and fingernails are painted and they’re actually the same color, maybe because I got a fresh and much needed haircut, or maybe because I’m finally starting to get a tan and just in time for our next trip! 🙌🏻

  Anyways, a simple and basic OOTD, but then I’ve grown to be pretty simple and basic in my late 20’s. 🤗

 What all have you all been up to lately? Speaking of trips and packing for them, what are some of your all’s essentials when it comes to packing for a trip?


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