The Girl Behind The Redhead Chronicles

  The Little Redhead Girl in Charlie Brown. Ariel from The Little Mermaid. Daphne from Scooby Doo. Cheryl Blossom from the Archie Comics. What is it with our obsession with redheads, gingers or carrot tops, as we’re often called?

   I’ve been meaning to do a post like this for a while now. One of my readers commented on one of my older list posts, 10 Reasons Not To Mess With Redheads, and talked about how she and her husband were both redheads and all of the fun they had together! It made me smile because all my life, my hair has been a big part of my personality too.
  When I first started this blog, I played around with names, but The Redhead Chronicles came to me pretty quickly. It seemed like the natural choice—I’m a natural born redhead, whose hair has changed from red, to carrot orange, to strawberry blonde over the years. 

   As for the “Chronicles” part, it seemed to me the perfect word to kind of pull all the elements of my life together. The part of me that loves travel, fashion, culture, estate sales, & the part of me who was an ex culinarian, holding nearly every job in the restaurant biz. 

  For me, The Redhead Chronicles is purely me, just in blog form, sharing my dreams, passions…and occasionally my rants. 🤗😂

  I started this blog in the hopes that I could impart my redheaded spirit to all my readers, sharing things I love to do and my journey through the last 6 years, going from being in restaurant jobs to owning my own petsitting business, which has freed up so much of my time to travel and do the things I love. ❤️

 I would love to do a Q&A post at some point, if there’s actually any questions you all might have for me or you would actually care to know. 

  In the meantime, I found some of these Facts About Redheads, which I found interesting!
1. MC1R is the gene responsible for red hair. It is a genetic mutation. So, we’re technically mutants. *cue The X-Men theme*

2. Only 2 % of the world has red hair. So, we’re not only mutants, but rare mutants. 

3. Redheads are more sensitive to changes in temperature and have to be put under with more anesthesia, although no one really knows why.

4. Hitler apparently thought redheads shouldn’t marry other redheads because this would produce “demon children”. 🙄 Makes me want to dig him up and slap him in the face.

5. Some famous natural redheads include: Marilyn Monroe(before Hollywood got ahold of her), Queen Elizabeth I, Galileo, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, & Chuck Norris, so we win. 👍🏻

 Do you all know any redheads or have any in your life? Or are you a redhead yourself? If you know some, tell them how awesome they are! And if you are one yourself, embrace your individuality! 


18 thoughts on “The Girl Behind The Redhead Chronicles

  1. Oh I love it! My daughter is a redhead, and the other is almost red, and a redheaded daughter-in-law! We have plenty of spice in our family for sure! They all speak their minds and have an exuberance of a special kind! People don’t understand it until the know and love a redhead what they are missing. I enjoyed your post 🙂

    1. Awww, thank you! 😍 I’m glad you liked my post! It’s funny a friend of mine and I had a conversation about the fact that she “collects” redheads the other day! 😂 Aside from me, she has like 6 other redheaded friends!

  2. You have a great blog. nominated you for an award. Congrats and keep up the good work. See the post I’m floating! for more details about the award.

  3. Wonderful fun facts. My oldest son is a redhead and we never knew how that happened as his mother and I are brown haired. Love reading and following your fiery spirit! Keep up the good work!

    1. Aww, that’s cool! I have heard it can be a recessive trait! I should have mentioned, my parents are a brunette and a blonde! 😱 But both of my grandmothers have/had red hair! And aww I’m glad you enjoy my blog, thanks for reading!

  4. This was so fun to read!! I got a question for you, dear 🙂
    While growing up, did you have any nicknames related to your hair color? I used to be called carrotie when I was younger and I hated it because I don’t really like carrots haha.
    Also, do you wear red clothing a lot? If so, how do you style it? Do you have any tips? Sometimes I find it hard to make my red outfit look good…

    1. Thanks for the comment and question, @Oceauxnic! 😄
      I actually did have a few nicknames growing up! Red was a short and popular one, but it’s funny, sometimes I got just as many nicknames because I am short and have freckles! 😂 Shortie was a popular one or just Freckles.
      As I got older, I worked at a restaurant where the boss would call me “Big Red” like the gum, kind of a play off my red hair and my short/small stature. And people used to call me Pippi Longstocking when I wore my hair in braids! 😂 It’s really funny when you stop and think just how many cartoon characters, mascots, book characters and superheroes there are that have red hair!
      As for the red clothing, I don’t wear it a ton since it’s a very bold color, but I *do* have this red dress that I love! Red is such a sexy color! I find with my hair, since it’s a lighter shade of red, I can still pull it off fairly easily, but I shy away from pink a lot of times!
      You just gave me a great idea, though! When I get back from Atlanta, I am definitely going to do a post about pulling red off as a redhead! I know a lot of us have trouble when it comes to red, pink and sometimes oranges! I think that would be a fun post! 🎉

      1. Oh, yes! My favourite redhead while growing up was Daphne Blake from Scooby Doo!
        I wear a lot of pink even if it is hard to pull it off, but the red…
        So that would be a great post!! Can’t wait to read it!
        I hope you have an amazing weekend! 🙂

  5. I’m a redhead………….well, I was. Born red but 3 years ago at the age of 42 I had to have a hysterectomy. It went bad and 2 days later had to have emergency surgery. Stress from it all made me lose almost all my hair about 2 months later. When it grew back it came in brown with a little gray. UGH! My whole identity was wrapped around my red, curly hair, fair skin, and freckles. Now it’s just blah. I colored it for about a year after it started growing back but that’s some nasty stuff and I’m trying not to put nasty stuff on my body anymore. So, I’m just a wannabe redhead now. Desperately missing my identity. After 13 surgeries it was totally true about the anesthesia.

    1. Aww, Karen, I am so sorry! 😢 I can’t imagine having to go through all of that. And I know some people might think it’s silly, but I totally understand what you mean. Our red hair is a huge part of our identities! I think that blondes and brunettes get their fair share of attention, sometimes not even for their hair colors, but as redheads, we are always getting the comments and the silly jokes about our “tempers”. 😂
      I don’t know about you, but I have always been a little shy, and at first, those sorts of comments bothered me, but they did make me come out of my shell and be a little more outgoing.
      And I have a confession to make—over the last 2-3 years I dyed my hair. Everyone told me not to, but being the stubborn person that I am, I wanted to even more. I’ve been brunette, I’ve been dark red, I’ve been a little bit of everything, but I’ve never felt more truly myself than when I am my natural strawberry blonde.
      I hope that, when I get older and my hair starts to change, as I’m sure it will, I can accept it. I have also heard that redheads tend to go pure white sometimes in later years, but I’ve never spoken to anyone personally about it.
      Hang in there! You are tough and fierce and I know that the people in your life will love you, no matter what! Sometimes, even when my hair was all of its different colors, I still *felt* like a redhead inside. I think that’s what makes us so cool—-we embody this tough, unique spirit that no one else has! ❤️

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