❤️Petsitting: My Favorite Pictures I’ve Taken On The “Job”❤️

A Musing

  I love petsitting. ❤️ 

 I seriously have one of the coolest jobs in the world. I get paid, essentially, to take care of pets. Feed them, play with them and cuddle them, take them for walks and just spend time with them! If you had asked me 2 years ago if I’d thought I would be doing this full time, I probably would have looked at you like you were crazy!


 I think that’s how it works most of the time. We see our hobbies as only that: hobbies. Lucky for me, I was able to combine my hobby and passion into a fulltime job that I love. ❤️ 

 I’ve actually been thinking about doing a webinar series on what I do and explaining it more in depth. I don’t know if anyone would be interested in knowing how I do what I do and how I make a fulltime income off of loving on pets, but if I do something like that in the future, I will post a link here on my blog! If you are interested in something like that, drop a comment on this post! 👇🏻

  I wanted to make this entry an appreciation post full of all the cute pictures I’ve accumulated over the last 2 years of pets I’ve watched. I knew I had a lot, but I didn’t realize just how many! 😂 I spend a lot of time with pets, so usually, I can catch them doing some pretty cute and funny things!

  Here are some more of my favorites!

Elvis and Oscar the pugs!

Bella! She had very good manners, as you can see here. 👋🏻

Trudy! ❤️ She is adorable!

Callie the pig, just sunbathing. ☀️😎✌🏻

Hilde, the giant schnauzer, and Daisy the Australian Shephard mix!

Chin Chin! I got to celebrate his 1st birthday with him! 🎉 

Frank and Jack, the brother kitties! 😽

Rocky and Lola, partners in crime!

Oliver, who’s always up to play fetch!

Patches and Belle! ❤️

Jackson and Cali! They loved jumping in the pool.

Little Miss Leah! She looks like she’s smiling here! 😍

 Hazel the Dachshund and Chewie the Boxer!

Leo, the very photogenic cat who is always ready for a closeup. 📷

Max, Ozzy and Darcy! This is a record breaking photo, right here. It’s hard enough getting one pet to look at the camera! Two is difficult and three is unheard of!

Shiloh, my favorite little floof and American Eskimo! ❄️

Doodle! My first pet I ever watched. I started watching her in high school.

Jingles the Boston Terrier! And on the bottom, Lola and Fletchie!

 I have so many great memories from petsitting and these are just a few of my favorite pictures. I’ve been to weddings, pet birthday parties, I get to swim in pools and stay in some cool places all around Knoxville—I still can’t believe this is my life.

  Anyways, hope these pictures brought a smile to someone’s face! They still make me laugh looking at them sometimes! If you have a pet of your own, give them a hug! We’re the lucky ones they have chosen to call friend. ❤️


| Coffee, Pets, Estate Sales & Exploring |

A Musing

  Hello, all! 🤗

  It’s been a few days since I last posted. Honestly, I’ve just been enjoying my time at home since not long ago, I had been away petsitting for 2 weeks. It doesn’t sound exhausting, but it can be mentally. 

  I also cleaned my entire house, excluding the basement because, let’s face it, no one goes down there. I even lit some pumpkin scented candles; I love lighting candles while I clean, it’s so relaxing. I have been embracing all things fall; maybe I’ll do some posts for fall coming up soon! 👍🏻🍂

 Today has mostly been some petsitting+a coffee date with my husband to Kbrew. I feel like my signature drink has become an iced chai latte. ☕️ They’re the best. Also, kittens are pretty adorable, like the one in the picture there.

And puppies. Puppies are cute. 🐶

  We also went to one estate sale today, where I found a vintage makeup compact. Max Factor Creme Puff in Frolic. Completely unused. 

  I’m a sucker for vintage packaging. It will probably be going up on our Etsy soon!👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻https://www.etsy.com/shop/EdisonsPlace?ref=seller-platform-mcnav

 The yellow tile in this picture is actually one of our bathrooms. Tim doesn’t like it, but it’s grown on me. Actually, one thing that makes me insanely happy is when I show up at an estate sale and they have a totally untouched, retro monochromatic bathroom, with all pink tile and fixtures, or blue, yellow, green…they always picked some wild colors!

  Anyways, just a brief update on what I’ve been doing and where I’ve been. 👀 

 Look for some new posts soon! Possibly some OOTD posts since I’ve found some clothes I want to alter (aka take some scissors to) and some traveling posts! 🌎

 Have a great weekend!

🐉\\ Knoxville Asian Festival //🐉

A Musing

  Today was bliss. 😌

  I got to go downtown for the second year in a row to enjoy the Knoxville Asian Festival. It’s the highest concentration of Asian foods, Asian people and cultures, wares and merchandise, and performances that Knoxville sees in a calendar year. ⛩

  I hope to one day be able to go and see countries like Japan, China and India, but for now this is pretty cool!

  I got henna done by a UT student who just moved here from India! 😱 I always want to geek out and ask people from other countries a million questions, but I slowly asked her questions about India and the culture and had a really good time. She wanted to take a picture with me before I left, which was so sweet! I loved listening to her accent while she brushed the henna on my hand; the Indian accent is so melodic!


  I also got my fix of matcha bubble tea, my favorite! 😍🍵 There is so much good food at The Asian Festival. 

 My friend Elizabeth tried some dango, which are these rice balls that come in sweet and savory variations. I love street food.

  My cousin also showed up and snapped this picture of us partaking in the traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony, which was great. Thanks, Rachel, shoutout to you, awesome cousin! 👍🏻😸

  I also took an old piece of paper that has been in my possession since I was a little girl. My parents used to take us to this Chinese restaurant which a man named Jerry owned. We always loved going to see Jerry. I didn’t appreciate Asian food back then—I know, such a shame!–but we loved Jerry and he loved us. He wrote this for me and I have always wanted to know what it says. He actually came to my wedding a few years ago when Tim and I got married! ❤️

  A woman at the Chinese booth was able to translate and it basically says: “I love you Avery!”, along with the date, January 1st, 1992 and some blessings and prayers for a great year, which I thought was incredibly sweet. The woman was amazed that I had kept it for so long and I explained the significance to her. 

 All in all, it was a fantastic weekend and a great Asian Festival this year! If you are ever in Knoxville, you should definitely attend! It’s usually the last Sunday in August from 10-6pm and so much fun! ❤️

\\ Clinton, TN+Maryville Drive-In Flea Market //

A Musing

  With my job, I have a lot of downtime. ⏳

  Usually, when I’m petsitting, I also have time to go to estate sales, thrifting and just exploring in general. It usually makes for days that are filled with a combination of my favorite things!

  Yesterday I explored Clinton, which is full of antiques and reminds me of a small town movie set.

I have done a post on Clinton, TN before. (They should be having a fall antique festival coming up really soon! http://clinchriverfallfestival.com/

 Anyways, Clinton has a lot of cool backdrops for pictures if you want to get that Instagram worthy pic for the gram! 😉 They also have plenty of stores and great food!


  Since it’s Saturday, I went to Maryville,TN to their local drive-in, where The Maryville Flea Market is held in the summer on Saturdays. I didn’t find anything, but it’s a great place to stop and check out stuff and get some good deals! I once found an entire tote full of old bottles that I got for $20! 😱 There were like 300 in there, not even kidding.


 What have you all got planned for this weekend? ☀️🍹

 I am probably going to enjoy The Asian Festival tomorrow too, so expect an entry on that! I love festivals and local events! 😍

{vintage floral dress} OOTD

A Musing

  You all will not believe the amazing deal I scored today! 🙌🏻

  There are certain days where things don’t go my way. I get a crappy fortune in a fortune cookie. Someone steals a parking spot I was going to pull into. Or maybe I just failed in some way that would be epic in a movie, but it just kind of sucks when it happens to me because it’s my life and I have to answer for it. 😖

  Not today, folks! Today was amazing because the dress in these pictures?

 I only paid $1 for it. $1. One freaking dollar!!! 🎉💰🙌🏻 

  I went to an estate sale in South Knoxville and was about 30 minutes late for it, but went in excited. I try not to look at pictures or psych myself up too much—I like going in and being surprised with what I find instead of regretting what’s not still there when I show up.

 I dug around in a closet in one of the rooms…and I found this dress. 😍 It was polyester, I could tell by touching it instantly. There were no tags, but I knew it was true vintage and maybe even handmade. It had a zipper up the back and a hook at the base of the turtleneck. I was getting it really with only the intention of reselling it, but I did think to myself that it would fit me and I could model it, which would be great for pictures for my Etsy.

 I also got the belt pictured in some of these pictures. I think it’s from the 1980’s and doesn’t go with the dress originally, but I think it looks pretty good.

 I just couldn’t believe it was only $1! $1 for a complete outfit, a statement piece, a piece of true vintage clothing! I may even wear it to my cousin’s wedding coming up in September, I just need to find some red heels to go with it! (Red heels are such a staple piece and I could use some anyway! 👠)

  Someone was also quick to point out to me the resemblance of this dress to one Marilyn Monroe wore in “Something’s Got To Give”. I think it’s going to be a keeper, I can’t sell it now! 😍

  There’s no better feeling than getting a good deal+digging through a musty closet and finding a gorgeous, well taken care of vintage piece of clothing.

 I want to hear your all’s stories! 👂 Have you ever gotten a vintage piece of clothing for an a-m-a-z-i-n-g deal? Let me know in the comments! 


{nautical striped dress+chain sandals & sunglasses} OOTD

A Musing

 Hey, guys! 👋🏻 

 I’ve been a little covered up with petsitting, but I actually wore a comfortable/semi stylish outfit today, so I thought I’d post!

  I have this thing with the color blue. I also like stripes for a simple pattern, so when I found this dress for $7.99 at TJMAXX, I was like, “HAVE TO GET IT!” 😜


  I also love when dresses have that flowy detail up top, I think it looks super flattering and adds some interest. I paired this dress with a belt I already had, but it also looks good without it. I decided on wearing my chained, brown sandals because they sort of give off a nautical vibe to me and I’m trying to embrace these last days of summer while I can! ☀️

 However, I maaaaay have to wear this with my white tennis shoes at some point. This dress is cute, but casual, so I thought they would definitely go well with it! Probably will pack this on our repeat trip to Savannah next month for a quick and easy outfit! 👉🏻

  Also, I wanted to share some cool news—I’ve applied for a passport finally! 🙌🏻

  It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a while now as I’ve been working towards saving for a trip to Italy and I can now proudly say that it’s happening! I’m still saving up and am planning on trying to finalize some stuff for this next year, but I can’t wait to get my hands on my passport! I’m so ready to travel and see the world. 🌎 Hope everyone’s been doing great! 

  Also, do any of you have your passports? I don’t know why, but I was so intimidated and everyone told me it would be so hard. 😂

 If you don’t, here’s a basic cheat sheet for what you’ll need:

1) A passport form. It can be printed off the internet, just make sure you use black ink only. {Passport renewals are an option too if you’ve previously had a passport, but get it renewed before it expires! They’re good for 10 years usually.)

2) Hard copy of your birth certificate, which must have a state stamp and seal on it.

3) Photo copy of your driver’s lisence, front and back.

4) A picture of yourself. The specifications are really, well, specific, so I just had mine done at the post office and did it all in one place!

Exploring Cemeteries

A Musing

  Lately, I’ve been thinking about life and death a lot. 💀 

  I really don’t know why. Other people might find cemeteries creepy, but I never have. I actually like looking for old tombstones and wondering about the lives that the people underneath them led. 


  While going around and meeting people for petsitting, I had some downtime yesterday and went back to explore an old church I’d passed. I came to find out it was built in 1893 and was on the list of National Historically Registered places. It had a copper steeple, turned green with age, lead, stained glass windows and a gated cemetery full of old grave markers from the 1800’s.

 I find it really sad when you read the markers and see that it was a baby who died within the same year or you do the math and figure out that someone was very young when they died, 17 or 18 years old sometimes. Those ages used to seem so old to me, back when I was those ages, but now…it’s so incredibly young. And I’m sure people look at me, at the age of 26 and think the same thing. It’s all about perspective. What you know and where you’ve been. 

  It seems like death is one of those things that no one talks about on social media, but it is inevitable. I guess I think about it sometimes because I want to make sure I’m living my life to the fullest.

  I couldn’t help but notice some weird things at the cemetery too. 👀

 Like some of the tombstones had the people’s professions on them. It made me laugh. Defined by our professions, in life and in death. Who wants to see “Garbageman” on their tombstone when they die?! 😂 Maybe they would make it sound better and put “Waste Technician”? 

  I just think we put too much stock in what we do for a living. I’ve always been more of the “I work to live” not “I live to work” persuasion.