Hooray for Berets!

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I realize this picture was taken in a bathroom. It has been a crazy month. I haven’t felt like writing in a while or haven’t had the time.

This is the outfit I wore to my aunt’s funeral. The last few weeks have been…surreal. I had to write my aunt’s obituary. Sitting at her bedside and asking her while she was still alive the things she wanted written most about her after she was gone was…hard. By that point, her brain cancer had really taken over and she couldn’t remember much.

I really didn’t care much what I wore the day this was taken. I chose the beret because typically, I like to wear hats when I don’t want to be seen. Same for the turtleneck. It made me feel secure and comfortable in my own skin.

One of the last things my aunt told me, her remaining two sisters and my mom was, “You broads better get your funeral attire ready, you need to look like a million bucks!” πŸ˜‚

My aunt was a blunt lady. I don’t think I looked like a million anything, but I just wanted to be comfortable.

Valentine’s Day also came and went and barely registered on my radar. I was watching so many pets and trying to get sleep and couldn’t…it was a mess. I think Valentine’s night, my husband and I ended up splitting some cheese fries and I went to a house I was staying at, took some sleeping pills and called it a night.

I also had a terrifying scare the other day when a guy started following me when I was out on a walk. 😀 It really annoyed me that this guy kept hitting on me—and had to call for help. It makes me mad that there are sick pervs in the world and that a woman can’t just go for a walk and mind her own business and not be harassed. πŸ™„

So, yeah. This has been one of the weirdest months of my life. I am so ready to escape for a while and write on my experiences in Italy for you guys! It would be nice to have something positive to channel my energy into!

So, anyways, wanted to let you all know I’m alive and well, life has just been treating me not so nicely lately. I think I’m going to have to take a defense class and show it who’s boss. πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ŠπŸ»

Hope you guys have had a better month than me!




  Whoa, two posts in one day?!

  I’m just a super productive person. And I have like 0% of a social life, soooo…yeah, this post just turned super depressing! πŸ˜‚

   Anyways, thought I’d post a quick Fall OOTD. One of my favorite things about fall is layering and coming up with outfits, so I may have to do some more posts on that soon! πŸ‘ˆπŸ»

  I also have an obsession with scarves which is all too real. πŸ˜… This one is one my dad got for me in Israel. It smelled like spices when he first gave it to me that have since faded.

  I chose this outfit today because it’s put together, but still casual. I love maroons and burgundys for fall also!

 Also, had a great hair day, so it was worth documenting! I’m actually considering growing my hair back out a little, but we’ll see! My hair grows super fast—no clue why—so that won’t be a problem! I have missed being able to put it in a bun.

  Anyways, another short little post to get me in the mood for fall! πŸ‚ Hope everyone has been doing great! I should be going back to Savannah, GA soon so I’ll post on that! Hopefully the hurricanes don’t do too much damage. Praying for everyone in those areas and already affected! ❀️