Pho-Get About It πŸ²πŸ΅


I love asian food. Doesn’t matter what it is. Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean—its all good! πŸ₯‘🍱

So, when a friend texted me yesterday night and said they were craving asian and did I want to come with them, my answer was definitely YES.

Vincent’s Cafe is an unassuming little place around where I live. It has maybe 8 tables inside and a small menu, all things I discovered later upon entering, but I was so excited to try it! I had noticed their neon sign a few months earlier and had been wanting to try them out! They did not disappoint!

Vincent’s serves pho and boba tea! 🍲😍🍡

I got the tofu and vegetable pho and my friend got some with steak in it, I believe, and pork egg rolls for us to share!

It is very hard to find pho around where I live, much less boba tea! We both got the matcha flavor, but I can’t wait to go back and try the other flavors they’ve got!

I love trying new places! Is there a type of cuisine you all just LOVE? Have you ever tried pho or boba tea?

P.S. I also felt like sharing this post as a prequel because…tomorrow is ASIAN FESTIVAL!!!πŸŽ‰

It only comes once a year in Knoxville and it is one of the most amazing, fun, cultural festivals in my hometown. I always try so many different kinds of food, some on sticks, get henna tattoos on my hands and just have an amazing time! So, stay tuned for that post and pictures! I am really excited for this! 🀩