Crazy Cool Thrifting Finds


If you all have followed me long enough, you know that I am a huge advocate for thrifting. 💯 I love it! In fact, there are few things I love as much as thrifting and finding cool things for really cheap except maybe…traveling, my family, my pets…and Chick-fil-A. 😂 #aintnoshameinmygame

I found the cutest little dog figurine! I collect/resell Made In Japan figurines, in particular, the dogs and cats. They can be worth quite a bit actually and are really collectible! Find the ones that are marked “Made In Occupied Japan” and they are worth even more! That means they were made in the 1940s when the allied forces(USA, Britain..maybe some other people) literally occupied Japan! Pretty neat, huh? 🇯🇵 This little guy is most likely a Japanese Chin or Shitzu if I had to guess.

Another cool find from today, but I didn’t get it at the last minute, was this strawberry sweater. 🍓 I am a sucker for kitschy, random stuff. These even had little shine marks and almost popped off the sweater in a 3D sort of way. Really cool.

One sweater I did take home was this awesome Tundra brand sweater with rabbits all over it! 🐇 I love rabbits because of my pet rabbit, Twix, and this one just called to me. The Tundra brand is a well known 1980’s-1990’s crazy Canadian sweater brand. This one was made from Scandinavian wool.

I’m debating keeping it or selling it. 🤔 I will most likely take more pictures of it, either way, and if it does go on my Etsy, you all will be the first to know!

Have you all made any great thrifting finds lately? Let me know in the comments! ❤️


How We Saved For Italy 🇮🇹 (And How You Can Too!)


  Hey, guys! I have the most exciting news EVER to share with you all!

I’m. Going. To Italy!!! 🇮🇹 🎉

 Last night, I found the deal of a lifetime on airline tickets and took the plunge. I literally stopped everything I was doing, ran to my grandparents’ house and called everyone together for a conference because I hadn’t seen prices this low since February. Not only is my grandfather Poppy going to go, but my parents are too! This is amazing and something I’ve only dreamed about for so long. When I woke up this morning, I had to remind myself it was all real! I can’t wait! We’ll be going this next year! ✈️🌎

*Sidenote: If you want to find great deals on tickets, look today before they go back up. The tickets I found were under $1,000 roundtrip, which is absolutely unheard of. Use Skyscanner also, they are great and cross compare every other site so you know you’re getting the very best deal possible. ✔️*

 Now, I always strive to be upfront with my readers, so I want to share with you how we saved up for this trip. It sounds like a really hard thing to do, but really it just took some perseverance and delayed gratification. Here are my top tips for how to save up for your next trip!

1. Spend less on the things that don’t matter so you can spend more on the things that DO matter.

 This sounds like it should be common sense, but it is hard to put into practice, at first. A lot of times, I will find myself wanting to buy new clothes, go to an expensive restaurant or just buy something I really don’t need. A thing I started doing a few years ago was stopping for 5 minutes or so and just thinking about what it was I wanted, really long and hard. If it was clothes, I would carry them around as I shopped and ask myself, Is this something I can really see myself getting a lot of wear out of? What are some outfit combinations I could come up with, using this item? Is it something I can wear during different seasons? Can I wait and find this somewhere cheaper?

Usually, I found that after 5 minutes, the loud voice inside me screaming, “I WANT THIS!” would dull and I would realize that wasn’t really what I wanted most in the world. What I wanted was to travel the world.

 So, try this sometimes, when you feel like you really, really want something and you may surprise yourself. If you still want whatever it is, you should get it. 

2. Thrift, coupon, do whatever it takes.

  I have bought clothes secondhand about 90% of the time over the last few years, or gone to places like Marshall’s, Ross or places that have great deals on clothes. I use coupons when we go out to eat, but only if it’s a good deal and something we would have gotten anyway. (Hint: Those $5 off when you spend $30 coupons are not worth your time. 👋🏻🙄) Sometimes, Tim and I have split meals also to cut costs.

  I also buy hygiene and toiletry stuff only when we need it, but we never run out. I’m one of those people who has to have a back up in case we run out. 😂

3. Speaking of doing whatever it takes…

 I bought toilet paper at an estate sale once, which might sound weird, but I bought it in May and didn’t have to get anymore until this month. 😂 32 rolls for $3, ya’ll. WORTH IT.

 If you want to travel and take this huge trip you’ve got planned, sometimes you have to do things other people might look at and call crazy. I also have scaled back on the makeup I’ve worn this year. Since I petsit, I rarely see people anyway, so I started wearing less makeup, which meant buying less makeup, which also made my skin so much healthier. I saved so much money that way! 💰

 I also just recently finally caved and bought some new tennis shoes. I needed them, so I could justify the purchase, but I went for several months with a hole in the sole of them and a chunk missing from the heel. 🤷🏻‍♀️

 This is what I mean by delayed gratification. In our world now, you’re told that you have to have everything you want, right then and there, which is not true. If you use willpower, and occasionally do some things other people think are funny, you can definitely have what you want, in time!

4. Drop the car payment. 

 It seems like everyone and their mother has a car payment, but hear me out on this one. 

 Tim and I bought our cars used. I know some people can’t resist a shiny, new car, but that is usually anywhere from $100-$300 extra dollars a month that you could otherwise be saving. I bought my car 2 years ago, used. I had it paid off in exactly 1 year. So, for the last few years, we’ve just done routine maintenance on them, but have no car payment each month, which has helped TREMENDOUSLY.

But don’t just stop with the car payment! Take that cell phone bill and chop it in half. I was paying $120 at Verizon just for myself, so I switched to Sprint and now pay only $80. The more you do this and re-evaluate what you’re spending, even if it’s only by $20, the savings will add up each month! 🎉

5. Re-evaluate your job.

 This one is tricky, but something you should do. Maybe you work from home, so your costs are low, but maybe sometimes, you might have a long commute to a job you hate anyway and gas money eats into your paycheck. Sit back and be objective.

 I had to do this almost a year ago and haven’t looked back since! I was working part time at a bakery, maybe 6 hours a day. 🍰 I didn’t like it at all, but I noticed that my petsitting business was taking off like crazy. I did some figuring and realized, if I dropped the part time job at the bakery and went to petsitting fulltime, I could double or even triple what I was making for hardly any extra effort at all! 

  Sit back and think about these things before you jump, but sometimes, the answer that makes the most sense is right in front of you.    

6. Resell items on Etsy, EBay, Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist.

 This takes a little more discipline, searching and work, but we have made usually on average, an extra $100 a month doing this. You don’t even have to go out and buy things to resell, first look through what you have. What do you not use anymore? Someone out there, most likely, is willing to pay for it and may even need it!

  Old clothes, knick knacks, musical instruments, whatever it is, put it out there. We have really enjoyed the Etsy platform. I go to a lot of estate sales in my free time between petsits, so I find things I think are cool, buy them for cheap, take pictures, and then list them! It’s that easy! Etsy gets your items viewed around the world. We have sent things as far as Norway and France! 😱 I love thinking about the new homes our things go to! 

 If online posting isn’t your thing, that’s no excuse—have a yard sale! Do whatever it takes. You also get a nice, clean, more organized house out of it! 👍🏻

7. Take Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace.

  This is in no way a plug and I am dead serious. It will cost you $100 up front, but taking his class helped us SO much. It helps you with budgeting, being accountable and just getting you motivated to get out of debt if you are in it, save money even if you aren’t and just handle your finances better.

 We were doing great saving before, but I have to say, after taking his class, it kicked us into high gear.

  I hope these tips have helped! 😄 I want you to know that this is possible for anyone. It has taken us years to get to this point, but you CAN do it. And I know saving and waiting can suck, but there is nothing like the feeling you have when you realize you’ve done something, with no help, by yourself and for yourself! ❤️✌🏻✈️

P.S. I might drop another post on tips for finding the best airline ticket prices, since I’ve been doing this kind of research for over a year. 😂 Who would like to see a post on that?

Love you guys! 

✨From Yard Sale to Oh Yeah! ✨

A Musing

  I’m back from Atlanta and have been so busy! Remember that desk & chair I mentioned in a previous post that I got for only $5?! Well, it is living a new life and I’ve totally made it over! ✨ I love transformations! ❤️ Above is the “before”…

  And here’s the after! 🎉

 In total, I spent under $50 to take this desk and chair set from drab to glam! I painted it with some furniture paint from Lowe’s and went with a very different color called “Dusty Hyacinth”. It’s sort of a grayish-purple or mauve.

 I picked out some new hardware, which my grandfather, Poppy, was nice enough to help me with! He also helped me by building a facing/facade for the bottom left part of the desk since the old one was falling apart.

 My grandmother, Mimi, recovered the seat for me with some fabric I got at Joann’s Craft Store for $4.37. I looked at fabric for a loooong time and finally found what I thought was perfect! I love florals, and I thought it was neat how this pattern pulled in white, gray, purples and yellow, which I adore. 😍

  I am so excited about having a desk of my own, something cute, old yet restored, that I can call my own! I’m planning on using it as a work space for my laptop and also for organizing my petsitting & Etsy businesses. ❤️

  I love it! ✨

 Have any of you all redone some furniture? What’s your favorite piece you’ve ever done?

(And P.S. be on the lookout for my next post,  🔥How to Rock Red as a Redhead🔥, coming sometime this next week! 👉🏻)

How To Be Thrifty and Make Your Own Shorts

A Musing

  These days it seems like things are getting more expensive and shorts just keep getting shorter. 🙄 Really. Has anyone tried to buy shorts in a retail setting recently? Than you all know exactly what I’m talking about. Not only that, but they are usually $20 or more. 

  What if I told you, you didn’t have to spend $20 on shorts. No, it’s completely possible. What if I also told you that you could have some awesome, high waisted, mom esque type shorts that are super flattering for under $10? Have I captured your attention? Okay.

  This is what I started out with. Some boring, nothing amazing to see here, high waisted jeans that I thrifted from Goodwill for only $5.99. Would you believe that the top picture came from these?! That is all I have invested in this pair of shorts: $5.99. Think of all the things you could get with the left over $14.01. No, no, I’ll wait. 

 It is possible to have some jean shorts that look great on you and don’t put a huge hole in your wallet. Here are some of my tips for thrifting and making your own shorts!

1. Go to your nearest thrift store.

  The farther away from the city and junkier it is, the better. I found these jeans at a thrift store kind of off the beaten path. My reasoning for this is that you will find older styles, ala high waisted jeans. Inner city thrift stores tend to have the latest trends, but if you go to ones further out and in surrounding areas, you’re likely to find some real retro gems.

2. Attack those racks.

 Seriously. Rome wasn’t built in a day. You think that whatever you’re looking for is just going to pop up off the clothing racks and magically find you?! No. So, search through every single thing. That’s how you find the cool stuff. ✌🏻

3. Go for your style and fit.

  Maybe you don’t want high waisted shorts, maybe you want low rise. Go for whatever jeans make you feel comfortable. Try on as many pairs as you can that you think you would like and make a selection. I tend to like a medium wash jean, but maybe you would rather have dark wash or acid wash. This is the easy part, so just have fun with it! I also like to go for jeans that don’t have a crazy, huge label on them.

4. You will Need Scissors, a Seam Ripper & Chalk/Pen

 This is literally all you will need to turn your jean pants 👖 into jean shorts, unless you want to really go all out and sew patches on, throw glitter on or do embellishments. Do your thing! 

  The seam ripper comes in very handy for putting holes wherever you want on your shorts and also distressing and fraying the edges to get that worn look. The chalk or a pen is great for marking off where you’re going to cut.

5. Try them on one last time. When cutting your jeans the first time, cut just barely over the knee.

 I like to try mine on, one last time, before I do any cutting. I also cut right at or barely above the knee. This way, I have plenty of room to work with. Make a mark with your chalk or pen also so you know where to cut.

6. Cut in a “V”.

  I’ve done several pairs of shorts now, and I’ve come to find that a “V” can be really flattering. I start at the outer sides of the jeans and cut in towards the middle, going at a slight downward angle. This especially looks good with high waisted shorts.

7. Just keep trimming!

  Your shorts may look long and awkward now, but it’s better to have too much fabric to work with than not enough! Now that you have your line going and you can see your shorts starting to take shape, you can trim on them. This may take several times of trying them on again and trimming before you get to a length that you like. If you intend on fraying the ends and putting holes towards the bottom of them, I reccomend stopping short just a little before you need to. 

  Fraying them will make them even shorter, so it’s better to have more room to play around with it! You can always cut them shorter still, but you can’t make them longer once they’ve been cut!

8. Holy Seam Ripper

 When you get your shorts exactly the way you want them, then you get to personalize them. I like to get my seam ripper and put a few holes on one of the back pockets as well as along the bottom edge of my shorts and sometimes one or two on the front. Do whatever you want! Pull some strings loose, gash some holes in. I’ve even heard of people sanding jeans, running them over with their car, splattering them with paint! You do you!

 With any luck, you’ll have some awesome shorts for this summer! What makes it even better is that they were made by you. They will be totally original, totally thrifted and you won’t have to spend all that hard earned cash buying some online or at a chain store. ✌🏻

 So get out there and get thrifting! If any of my followers decide to do their own shorts, I want to see pictures! ❤️