{plain tee+flowy floral shorts} OOTD

A Musing

  So, I’ve always looked at those cute, patterned and flowy shorts and thought to myself, “I want some of those. No idea what I’d wear them with, but they are so freaking comfortable, I don’t even care!”

  It’s taken me a while to find some that I like. I’m that shopper that has to think my purchases through. Will it go with a lot of things I already have? How many times am I really going to wear this? Do I like this, nay, LOVE this? Is this something I could see myself packing during the apocalypse?

  In other words, does it meet the two top pieces of criteria: 1) Is it comfortable? and 2) Is it comfortable and cute? It’s hard to find something that meets both those points, I’ve found. Also, I’m really picky when it comes to patterns. I gravitate towards black or navy blue based stuff, but I told myself that was too boring…and then I found these shorts! And they were only $4 at TJMAXX! 😱

  So, of course, I was gonna get them, whether they matched anything I had or not, but I had some shirts that I could fall back on that I thought would look good with them.

 This tshirt I got at Target looks great with them, plus some sandals I’ve had for a while. These shorts are sort of a cornflower blue and have flecks of black, gray, green, gold and white in them, so it gives me a lot of options. Also, they are the MOST comfortable type of these shorts I’ve ever tried on!

  Since I petsit and don’t generally see a lot of people, I have to make myself put an effort into my appearance sometimes, especially with what I wear. I wear the same things a lot, but this is such a comfortable yet cute outfit, I can see myself wearing it a lot! And it made me embrace a very different sort of pattern for once, something I don’t do easily. 

  Do you all like these types of flowy shorts and what do you pair them with? What colors do you gravitate towards when shopping?