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A Musing

  Hello, all! 🤗

  It’s been a few days since I last posted. Honestly, I’ve just been enjoying my time at home since not long ago, I had been away petsitting for 2 weeks. It doesn’t sound exhausting, but it can be mentally. 

  I also cleaned my entire house, excluding the basement because, let’s face it, no one goes down there. I even lit some pumpkin scented candles; I love lighting candles while I clean, it’s so relaxing. I have been embracing all things fall; maybe I’ll do some posts for fall coming up soon! 👍🏻🍂

 Today has mostly been some petsitting+a coffee date with my husband to Kbrew. I feel like my signature drink has become an iced chai latte. ☕️ They’re the best. Also, kittens are pretty adorable, like the one in the picture there.

And puppies. Puppies are cute. 🐶

  We also went to one estate sale today, where I found a vintage makeup compact. Max Factor Creme Puff in Frolic. Completely unused. 

  I’m a sucker for vintage packaging. It will probably be going up on our Etsy soon!👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻https://www.etsy.com/shop/EdisonsPlace?ref=seller-platform-mcnav

 The yellow tile in this picture is actually one of our bathrooms. Tim doesn’t like it, but it’s grown on me. Actually, one thing that makes me insanely happy is when I show up at an estate sale and they have a totally untouched, retro monochromatic bathroom, with all pink tile and fixtures, or blue, yellow, green…they always picked some wild colors!

  Anyways, just a brief update on what I’ve been doing and where I’ve been. 👀 

 Look for some new posts soon! Possibly some OOTD posts since I’ve found some clothes I want to alter (aka take some scissors to) and some traveling posts! 🌎

 Have a great weekend!


\\ Clinton, TN+Maryville Drive-In Flea Market //

A Musing

  With my job, I have a lot of downtime. ⏳

  Usually, when I’m petsitting, I also have time to go to estate sales, thrifting and just exploring in general. It usually makes for days that are filled with a combination of my favorite things!

  Yesterday I explored Clinton, which is full of antiques and reminds me of a small town movie set.

I have done a post on Clinton, TN before. (They should be having a fall antique festival coming up really soon! http://clinchriverfallfestival.com/

 Anyways, Clinton has a lot of cool backdrops for pictures if you want to get that Instagram worthy pic for the gram! 😉 They also have plenty of stores and great food!


  Since it’s Saturday, I went to Maryville,TN to their local drive-in, where The Maryville Flea Market is held in the summer on Saturdays. I didn’t find anything, but it’s a great place to stop and check out stuff and get some good deals! I once found an entire tote full of old bottles that I got for $20! 😱 There were like 300 in there, not even kidding.


 What have you all got planned for this weekend? ☀️🍹

 I am probably going to enjoy The Asian Festival tomorrow too, so expect an entry on that! I love festivals and local events! 😍

10 Tips For Estate Sales

A Musing

  Hey, guys! As promised, here are some tips for finding great estate sales and getting deals once you’re there! 👍🏻 These are just some things that I have picked up on over the years and things I have noticed.

1. Skip the sales that are in condos and apartments.

 I know that sometimes, if you live in New York or a bigger city, that’s primarily where people live, but anywhere else, DON’T bother with sales held in apartments or condos unless they have something in the listing that really interests you. Most of the time, when I see condo sales, it means that the people have downsized. Generally, when older people move into a smaller condo, they put their best stuff away in storage units, meaning there’s not much left for you to pick through except junky Christmas decorations or dated (but not in the cool way) furniture.

2. Do show up early or on time.

 The early bird really does get the worm! Show up on time or even earlier to sales to get a better number in the queue and a better chance at the good stuff!

3. Some sales are farther out, but sometimes they’re worth it. 

  In my experience, sales that are farther out and away from the city can sometimes be the very best ones! For instance, I love estate sales in Oak Ridge or “The Secret City”. They are usually only one owner homes of people who came from a generation where if it wasn’t broken, people didn’t fix it. These houses are like time capsules where the people usually kept everything they owned. Sales farther away from the city also have the cool, old kitschy stuff sometimes, including clothes from decades ago.

4. Look at pictures on listings, but don’t get caught up in them.

  I scan through pictures to get a general feel for a sale, but I don’t go by pictures alone. Also, I kind of like to be surprised when I go! 

5. Narrow sales down by an area.

  Usually, if you just type in an area, sales in the area will come up on estate sales.net. I search my favorite areas specifically sometimes, just to save time. 👍🏻

6. Don’t discount “living estate sales”.

 The main difference between living estate sales and just estate sales is—you guessed it! Living estate sales are for people who are still around, while estate sales are for someone who has passed. Sometimes, living estate sales mean that there will still be some emotional attachment to items, but most of the time, people are just wanting to clear out, so you can get some pretty good deals.

7. Look in garages and basements. 

  Some people are creeped out by basements, but that’s where some of the good stuff is! Some people skip over garages and sheds entirely, but that is where I have found some of my best stuff. One time, I found a whole box full of leather, postal straps used by the Postal Service for holding mail together in the earlier days. 😱 They were so cool and I sold them all! If I hadn’t gone in the damp, musty garage of that house I was at, I never would have found them!

8. Bundle when you can.

 Most of the time, prices are predetermined, but occassionally, you can talk people down by bundling. At the end of the day, they have to get rid of everything and they’d rather you take home 4 things than 1. 

9. You say it best when you say nothing at all.

Also an Alison Krauss song 😂, but a good piece of advice. Sometimes, if you ask a price and don’t say anything after you’re told what it is, people will get nervous and talk themselves down. That’s a pro tip right there. 👌🏻 

10. All about that paper.

Look through paper items. People skip paper stuff usually because they assume it’s just junk, but sometimes you can find old ticket stubs, newspapers, postcards and pictures!

Those are all my tips for now! 💋 Also, the scarf pictured here is one I found this weekend and it’s gorgeous! 100% silk, made in Japan and just beautiful in color. It is up on my etsy, Edison’s Place! Hope you all are having a great weekend! 👋🏻

1969 Time Capsule

A Musing

Today has, all around, been an adventure. 

  I’ve been staying and petsitting in an old farmhouse,the roof of which has been graced by peacocks, which I saw this morning while I was enjoying a cup of coffee, but couldn’t get a picture of. ☕️ They were beautiful, their heads a vibrant blue. They flew off when I accidentally scared them. 🤗

  As it is with petsitting, sometimes you have some downtime. I tend to get out during the day and run errands, go thrifting and do some side hustling jobs, whether that’s baking a red velvet cake for someone one week or making bracelets out of vintage trolley tokens the next. 

  I also love going to estate sales. Today was sort of bittersweet–I hit the jackpot, but a day too late, so this sale was picked over. However, I still enjoyed myself because this house? It was amazing. 😱

It was a vintage lover’s paradise. 😍 A time capsule. It was a mansion by 1969’s standards, when it was built. I lost count, by I think there were 4-5 bathrooms, all more ridiculous and carpeted than the next! 

Beads, colorful shag carpet, phones in every room, even the bathrooms 😂, angles & lines, flower wallpaper everywhere, an entire wall made up of mirrors…I live for these kinds of sales.

  I like stepping back in time. It’s as if you’re back in the 1960’s and nothing has changed. If you were to stay there, without social media or tvs, you might be able to convince yourself that a bob and blue eyeshadow might suit you and that Richard Nixon is still president. 


  I just had to share this one with you guys! It was so cool, just admiring the mid mod architecture—I missed out on the furniture! 😫 which all sold—and walking around. 

 Very few homes are kept up this well or have so many cool things still in them, including fixtures and wallpaper some people might call “dated”.

And, I didn’t leave completely empty handed! Sometime soon, I’ll have to show you all the retro, orange rotary phone I got! I may or may not put it on my Etsy, I haven’t decided. 🤔 It’s pretty neat!

 What is your all’s favorite decade, if you had to pick one? What time would you like to time travel back to?