It’s All in the Details


  You know how you get excited when your favorite team wins? When they make it to the Final Four—that’s a thing right? Forgive me here because I don’t speak sports—but your team makes it and you just want to scream and cheer?

Or that feeling you get when someone higher up at work realizes all the work you’ve been doing? Or when you’re all about Pumpkin Spice Lattes or, in my case, Peppermint Milkshakes from Chicfila, and when that season rolls around and you can get them again, you are just filled with ecstasy and you’re like, “YEAHHHH! This is the LIFE!!!”

Well, that’s the feeling I get when I find super good deals, specifically on clothes, while I’m out thrifting or at estate sales. 😍 I think I’m going to have to do a roundup blog on some of the best deals I’ve gotten and my favorite thrifted pieces! 👗👠👘

For now though, I just want to highlight some cool things I found the other day. I know it must seem like I buy clothes all the time 😂, but I really don’t. A lot of the time, my outfits incorporate stuff I’ve had forever, or I’m getting stuff for like $1. 🤗

Anyways, this green top(which looks blue-ish here) was a STEAL. Long story short, I returned some shoes like a year ago and had credit at this store and it turns out, they have clothes now! This top was on clearance for $6. I looooove the ring detailing on the sleeves and it’s a longer tunic top, so it’s amazing with leggings! Also not pictured(but I’ll post about it for my Fall Blog/Vlog at the Pumpkin Patch 🎃) a button up skirt I got for $3!!!

I love finding tops like this for fall. 😍 They make it so simple to pull together an outfit!

I also yanked out this H&M sweater I’ve featured before. It was found at a local Goodwill for between $3.99-$4.99!

I am embracing the layered looks, long tops and boots! 🙌🏻

Anyways, hope you all have a great night! This weekend will be a busy one, but I’ll post about our adventures at the corn maze+reveal my Halloween costume! 😱


| P i c k i n g in C l i n t o n |

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  Today was a fun day. I’ve been a little emotional amidst all the #metoo stories showing up on social media today, plus sharing my own personal stories of abuse.

It was nice to getaway for a few hours and hang out with my husband, Tim. ❤️

We went to Clinton, Tennessee to look through all the antique stores and also eat at The Apple Blossom Cafe there, which has great food. 🍔🍛🍗

Clinton is such a pretty place. 🌹

Tim and I wore our matching leather jackets today. We’re that couple. 😂🤗 #sorrynotsorry

I’m going back to petsitting and business mode now, but it was nice to go have some fun for a little while! I’m looking forward to getting a break this weekend. We’re also having a cool, Financial Peace Class reunion at our church.

Tim and I took the class back earlier this year, it’s Dave Ramsey’s famous class. I am so excited to share our story with everyone there! That class helped us to save up for our upcoming trip to Italy! 😍🇮🇹

When it gets closer to the time that we leave, I will definitely do a post on packing for a European trip. I need to research what the weather is going to be like there in March. 🤔

I’m also excited because we have some video gadgets we got for this trip so we can try our hand at some vlogging in conjunction to blogging! 📽🎉

I love editing video. It’s been something I’ve liked doing since I was a kid and my dad gave me his huge, old, shoulder mounting JVC Camera. 😂 I used to run around the front yard with that thing, making skits with other kids in our neighborhood! Makes me crack up now!

So, I may start practing making some vlogs. If I make any, you all will be the first to know! 👍🏻

{nautical striped dress+chain sandals & sunglasses} OOTD


 Hey, guys! 👋🏻

I’ve been a little covered up with petsitting, but I actually wore a comfortable/semi stylish outfit today, so I thought I’d post!

I have this thing with the color blue. I also like stripes for a simple pattern, so when I found this dress for $7.99 at TJMAXX, I was like, “HAVE TO GET IT!” 😜

I also love when dresses have that flowy detail up top, I think it looks super flattering and adds some interest. I paired this dress with a belt I already had, but it also looks good without it. I decided on wearing my chained, brown sandals because they sort of give off a nautical vibe to me and I’m trying to embrace these last days of summer while I can! ☀️

However, I maaaaay have to wear this with my white tennis shoes at some point. This dress is cute, but casual, so I thought they would definitely go well with it! Probably will pack this on our repeat trip to Savannah next month for a quick and easy outfit! 👉🏻

Also, I wanted to share some cool news—I’ve applied for a passport finally! 🙌🏻

It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a while now as I’ve been working towards saving for a trip to Italy and I can now proudly say that it’s happening! I’m still saving up and am planning on trying to finalize some stuff for this next year, but I can’t wait to get my hands on my passport! I’m so ready to travel and see the world. 🌎 Hope everyone’s been doing great!

Also, do any of you have your passports? I don’t know why, but I was so intimidated and everyone told me it would be so hard. 😂

If you don’t, here’s a basic cheat sheet for what you’ll need:

1) A passport form. It can be printed off the internet, just make sure you use black ink only. {Passport renewals are an option too if you’ve previously had a passport, but get it renewed before it expires! They’re good for 10 years usually.)

2) Hard copy of your birth certificate, which must have a state stamp and seal on it.

3) Photo copy of your driver’s lisence, front and back.

4) A picture of yourself. The specifications are really, well, specific, so I just had mine done at the post office and did it all in one place!

Chattanooga Adventures 🚃

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  This weekend, we went to Chattanooga for my mom’s birthday. 🎉 Chattanooga or Chatt Town is one of those places that is so close, you forget about it if you’re a Knoxvillian like me. I’ve been there on field trips, passed through there on the way to other places, or stopped there just for a pit stop on the way home sometimes.

I had a lot of fun going there yesterday though, mostly because I got to go with my family.

We ate at Urban Stack, known for their burgers 🍔, at lunch.

  We also did The Big Tour—and I’m calling it that because you need the whole day to do it and it is worth it! We saw Rock City, Ruby Falls and rode The Incline Railroad.

Ruby Falls was something I have never seen in person, just on magnets or lisence plates that other people have bought over the years. It’s 145 feet tall and they still have no idea where it is coming from. You see, it’s under and inside Lookout Mountain, which is a huge mountain overlooking Chattanooga. In fact, you can see 7 states from the top of Lookout: Tennessee, Virginia, Georgia, Kentucky, South Carolina, North Carolina and Alabama.

They say the man that found Ruby Falls in the 1920’s heard the waterfall before he could see it—he was traipsing around in the cave with only a lantern! 😱 It is one of the largest underground commercial waterfalls in the world, so it’s definitely worth a visit!

We also walked all around Rock City, where they have cool rock formations, including Fatman Squeeze, which really has to be experienced to be believed! 😂

The Incline Railroad at Lookout Mountain is another thing you have to do! It is the steepest inclined railroad in the world.

I rode it for the first time ever yesterday and it made me nervous! It has a 72.7% grade at the top. When you climb in, you are going into a rail car at an angle, so instead of a flat floor, you have steps going down to the seats.

You slide down past people’s homes, under a bridge and down to the bottom. This was looking back up when it was almost starting to level out, but we were still halfway to the bottom!

The Incline was started in 1895, but the cars were last updated in the 1980’s. I can see why they probably started it—there were mostly dirt roads back then and I don’t picture horses making the trek to the top of Lookout easily. Back then, The Incline was all about necessity, but now it is all about fun!

If you’re looking for a fun day trip to Tennessee, definitely check out Chattanooga! There are a lot of other attractions, including the famous Chattanooga Choo-Choo Hotel, worth checking out!

DIY: Cutout Sweaters 👌🏻

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You know something is trending when you start to see it everywhere. One such trend I’ve noticed are these sweaters and shirts that have the collar still around the neck, but they’re cut or slashed down the front.

I kept seeing them at different stores and…most of the time, they were $15 or more. So, being the scissor happy human being that I am, I decided I could do it myself for way cheaper! (Side note: I’m not that good at sewing, but I love cutting things up! 😂 I make shorts out of pants and tank tops out of old t shirts all the time! 💁🏼)

So, first thing’s first—get yourself an old sweater or sweatshirt! I found this one at Goodwill for like $3.99. It’s a men’s sweater and runs a little bigger because I wanted it to be baggy and look good with leggings. Literally, the ONLY thing I did to it was cut just under the neck line(It’s better if the sweater has a more pronounced neckline, but not a turtleneck.) and then cut in a “V” shape as far as you want down the front.

It is literally the easiest thing I’ve ever done in my life! 😂 Here’s the example I was going off of.

So, what do you guys think?! Unlike some of the Pinterest recipes I have, ahem…tried to make, I think I nailed this one!

Is this a trend you all will be sporting? Also, if you thrift your own sweater and do what I did, I want to see pictures! It’s such a cheap and fun way to get the trends without shelling out the cash! Can I get an amen? 🙋🏼💰

Charleston, South Carolina

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It’s a city that conjures up images of true Southern hospitality. Gorgeous homes with trailing ivy, flower boxes, and promenade porches that stretch for miles. Wrought iron balconies that grace the sides of buildings that wouldn’t dream of being pastel anywhere else…but somehow, in this city, it works.

Charleston is about a 5-6 hour drive from where I live, in good old Tennessee. It’s a coastal town and you can see that influence everywhere, from the palm trees, to the ever-changing weather. It is full of history, charm, amazing seafood, and friendly locals. Everywhere you go, whether it’s a restaurant you’re trying out, a store you’re popping into, or if you’re taking a stroll around the French Quarter, people are warm and inviting.
Being raised up in the South as I was, I find it not as culturally shocking as some people from up North might. The tea here runs sweet, just the way we like it, the history may be a little dark during the days of The Civil War and the slave trade, but it is a history worth learning about, and the culture here is a rich and thriving one. 

Pictured above is The United Daughters of the Confederacy building, which also houses The Charleston Market, which is open most days from 9:30-5:30pm. (The first picture on this post was taken at the top of those stairs!) Standing up there, I saw a sign that said, “United Daughters of the Confederacy: We are closed.” (Every time I have ever been to Charleston (3-4 times), it has been closed. It is apparently a museum with rather spotty hours.) 

It may be awkward for some people to get a grasp on, but when you come down south of Kentucky, Confederate traces are everywhere, in parks, cemeteries, monuments and more.

In any case, if you go to Charleston, I encourage you to soak up the history. And the market! 

On any given day, you can see people hocking their trades, whether it’s sweet grass basket weaving, artisans who have made one-of-a-kind puzzle boxes, candied pecans, jewelry—it’s a very cool place to get your souvenirs! And it is the perfect place to catch a horse and buggy(Yeah, ya’ll. We call them buggies down here.) tour of the city. On our most recent trip to Charleston, I had a conversation with our tour guide and was sad to learn that the horse and buggy tours may become a thing of the past, if the mayor has any say in it. I don’t know about you, but I can’t picture Charleston without them!

If parks are your thing, Charleston has a lot of beautiful parks you can stroll through. My favorites are The Battery, Washington Square Park and Chapel Fountain Park. They provide nice, shaded areas in the humidity of summer, great people watching, and interesting statues, fountains and views to indulge in.

I also LOVE exploring old cemeteries. Call me weird, but it’s just another way I can take in the history of a place. According to our tour guide on a ghost tour(Which you HAVE to go on, trust me!, Charleston’s real estate can get pretty pricey, so they are always looking for more places to build…which means any graves 100 years or older can potentially be evicted! 😱 I thought that was an interesting fact.

Also, you must visit Rainbow Row on East Bay Street for all your Instagram worthy selfies and pictures of architecture. It is a gorgeous section of town where you can not only see this famed row of houses, but other colonial style homes as well.

My favorite plantation tour was Boone Plantation. Though you don’t get to see much of the house’s interior, the grounds are STUNNING. This was a spot they used for shooting The Notebook, and it has also served as a spot for several celebrity weddings. (Ahem. Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively.) The tree lined drive is amazing and it’s a great place to take pictures.

Oh, yeah, and see more horses! This one was super friendly and so cute. 🐴

As for places to stay, I recommend The Meeting Street Inn, which is right in the heart of Charleston and gives complimentary wine and cheese tastings in their posh lobby every day around 3. Fancy, fancy. It is a boutique hotel and worth every penny because it is unique, classy, and puts you close to everything. 

If you can’t swing that, because they book up FAST, try staying in Mt. Pleasant at Shem Creek Lodge or anywhere on Patriot’s Point. Some of the hotels on Patriot’s Point even provide a free trolley service over to Market Street! And even though you won’t be right in Charleston technically, the waterfront restaurants and activities going on will still be within walking distance and be really fun!

As far as my favorite places to eat, I love this little gem in Mt. Pleasant called Page’s Okra Grill.

Best fried green tomatoes I have EVER had. Dessert wasn’t bad either. For downtown Charleston, I always enjoy some SheCrab soup at Charleston Market House. I tried Poogan’s Porch and…I really, really wanted to like it, but…I wasn’t a fan. 

When it comes to WHEN to go to Charleston, I have been at all different times of the year, July, October. I have to say, October is my favorite. It is mildly cool, as opposed to stifling hot. 

So, cheers to Charleston! One of my favorite cities! Have you ever been there or wanted to go there?