Dealing With Pain

  I was going to write an entry about the Smoky Mountains and how beautiful they are, but…I don’t think that’s the entry I’m supposed to write today.   I finished the series 13 Reasons Why the other day and then shortly after, I heard about a brutal, horrific shooting in Cleveland, commited by a […]

Petsitting♥️:Going My Own Way

So, my schedule has been pretty full with petsitting lately! Next week, I get to watch some basset hounds+a cat and the rest of this month is going to be crazy! 😜   I really like that some days, I don’t know where I’m going to end up or who I’ll be watching. It’s definitely […]

Petsitting+Estate Sales

The last week or so, my time has been taken up with a lot of petsitting, vacation planning, and attending some estate sales. The golden retriever is Lola. ❤ She is hilarious! It never fails, when I take her for walks, she manages to find food. A slice of pizza one day 🍕, and five […]

Petsitting News! 🐾

A late Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and all of that to everyone! Here’s a cute picture of my adopted rabbit, Twix! ❤ She loved running and hiding under the tree this year for her first Christmas indoors.  Quite a bit has been going on, actually. Now that the holidays are over, I can focus […]

Maps•Charting a Course•And Moving Forward

Thursday, I did the unthinkable. The unpredictable.  I quit. My job.  It’s been a year in the making and…so much has changed in a year. I have a legitimate petsitting business that has taken over my schedule and my life and I love it!!! 🐶🐱🐰🐹 I went from working at the bakery 5 days…to 3 […]


Today was a good day. It was a Saturday. It also happened to be my birthday.  Tim and I went all over Clinton, Tn looking through antique stores at old telephones, rusty pulleys, old doors, vintage clothes, typewriters and knick knacks. That’s always been one of our favorite things to do. Tim gave me a […]