Summertime Sadness

 I know what you’re thinking. And yes, I love Lana Del Rey. ❤️ I’ve made some excellent summer memories to her songs.   But what about real summertime sadness? I think in some forms, it really can exist. Sometimes, I’ve found I get this crazy sadness or jealousy that comes out of nowhere, mostly when people are […]

10 Tips For Estate Sales

  Hey, guys! As promised, here are some tips for finding great estate sales and getting deals once you’re there! 👍🏻 These are just some things that I have picked up on over the years and things I have noticed. 1. Skip the sales that are in condos and apartments.  I know that sometimes, if […]

Confessions of a Minimum Wage Making Travelholic

Hello, my name is Avery…and I am a minimum wage making Travelholic. This post is going to be a lot of confessions, so, if you’re not into tell-alls, gut-spilling, or hashing out regrets, you might want to skip this one. Confession # 1: I kind of regret buying a house. Don’t get me wrong—it’s definitely […]