✨From Yard Sale to Oh Yeah! ✨

A Musing

  I’m back from Atlanta and have been so busy! Remember that desk & chair I mentioned in a previous post that I got for only $5?! Well, it is living a new life and I’ve totally made it over! ✨ I love transformations! ❤️ Above is the “before”…

  And here’s the after! 🎉

 In total, I spent under $50 to take this desk and chair set from drab to glam! I painted it with some furniture paint from Lowe’s and went with a very different color called “Dusty Hyacinth”. It’s sort of a grayish-purple or mauve.

 I picked out some new hardware, which my grandfather, Poppy, was nice enough to help me with! He also helped me by building a facing/facade for the bottom left part of the desk since the old one was falling apart.

 My grandmother, Mimi, recovered the seat for me with some fabric I got at Joann’s Craft Store for $4.37. I looked at fabric for a loooong time and finally found what I thought was perfect! I love florals, and I thought it was neat how this pattern pulled in white, gray, purples and yellow, which I adore. 😍

  I am so excited about having a desk of my own, something cute, old yet restored, that I can call my own! I’m planning on using it as a work space for my laptop and also for organizing my petsitting & Etsy businesses. ❤️

  I love it! ✨

 Have any of you all redone some furniture? What’s your favorite piece you’ve ever done?

(And P.S. be on the lookout for my next post,  🔥How to Rock Red as a Redhead🔥, coming sometime this next week! 👉🏻)