Raspberry Beret OOTD


  🎤 She wore a raspberry beret, the kind you find in a secondhand store! 🎤

  I couldn’t NOT quote some Prince, guys. I mean, when you find a raspberry beret, you have to sing the song. 😂


 I have always loved Prince and berets. Berets are such a neat fashion statement. I’m slowly starting to come around to hats after never having been a hat person when I was younger. 

 I love wearing hats in the fall, especially.😍

 I paired mine with a skirt and simple black top. I’m sure you could wear a beret with anything—slacks, leggings, jeans—but for some reason, I felt compelled to wear a skirt. It made me feel vaguely French and just kind of cute and put together.


 That being said, I’m going to be selling this beret on our Etsy store, Edison’s Place! Now if it was mustard yellow, not a chance! I would keep it in a heart beat, but something tells me this hat is meant for someone else in the universe. 🌎


So, if you want, check out our store for this and some more awesome retro finds we’ve had lately! 

Also, who else just loves fall fashions? I’m so ready for layering, SCARVES 😱 and other accessories! 


✨From Yard Sale to Oh Yeah! ✨

A Musing

  I’m back from Atlanta and have been so busy! Remember that desk & chair I mentioned in a previous post that I got for only $5?! Well, it is living a new life and I’ve totally made it over! ✨ I love transformations! ❤️ Above is the “before”…

  And here’s the after! 🎉

 In total, I spent under $50 to take this desk and chair set from drab to glam! I painted it with some furniture paint from Lowe’s and went with a very different color called “Dusty Hyacinth”. It’s sort of a grayish-purple or mauve.

 I picked out some new hardware, which my grandfather, Poppy, was nice enough to help me with! He also helped me by building a facing/facade for the bottom left part of the desk since the old one was falling apart.

 My grandmother, Mimi, recovered the seat for me with some fabric I got at Joann’s Craft Store for $4.37. I looked at fabric for a loooong time and finally found what I thought was perfect! I love florals, and I thought it was neat how this pattern pulled in white, gray, purples and yellow, which I adore. 😍

  I am so excited about having a desk of my own, something cute, old yet restored, that I can call my own! I’m planning on using it as a work space for my laptop and also for organizing my petsitting & Etsy businesses. ❤️

  I love it! ✨

 Have any of you all redone some furniture? What’s your favorite piece you’ve ever done?

(And P.S. be on the lookout for my next post,  🔥How to Rock Red as a Redhead🔥, coming sometime this next week! 👉🏻)


A Musing

I think my favorite thing about fall and winter is layering. I’m a jacket and scarf kind of person. More often than not, I’m the type of person that will throw on a scarf instead of a necklace. It adds so much texture and color to an outfit, not to mention warmth. ☃️

About a week ago, I took the above picture when we got some snow here in Tennessee. 1 1/2 inches, people.  Around here, that is cause to run to the grocery store and grab as much milk and bread as you can possibly carry. 😂 Still not sure why…I’ve never made Bread and Milk Casserole before. 🤔 🍞 

Anyways, the gray scarf was a gift from some of the animals I watch and the plaid bomber jacket was an AWESOME find at a thrift store somewhere in North Carolina that I got for like $4. I HAD TO GET IT.

I also got this red scarf here for 99 cents at a thrift store closer to home. There’s just something about the color red and snow…it just pops. And it matched the beanie (another gift from pets) I recently acquired perfectly.

This is a more recent OOTD from the other day. The snow has long since melted and it has been 60 degrees some days around here. It’s SO weird. A part of me wants to wear shorts and another part of me can’t help but remember it’s JANUARY. January is supposed to be cold! 

So, this quarter sleeves sweater I found at a Goodwill in Cookeville has been perfect for the crazy weather. It’s tapered in the back, so I love wearing it with leggings and ankle boots and it has an awesome cowl/turtleneck thing going on. It was only $3!!! 😱 And when I checked the tag later, 💯 % cashmere! I also loved the neutral brown color. 

I thought it went well with my hair and as I’ve gotten older, I find myself drawn to more muted Fall type colors. They just go so well with everything and look classy. It also doesn’t hurt they match this pair of glasses Tim got me a while back. 👓 

Also, it has been kind of rainy lately. ☔️ These rooster rain boots I got from Cracker Barrel last Christmas have been on repeat. They not only keep me from getting caked in mud during petsits and petwalking, but they are so cute!

What are some of your favorite style tips for crazy switcharoo weather patterns? And which find do you like best that I found? The red scarf, the Plaid bomber jacket, or the neutral brown sweater?