\\ S a v a n n a h |In a| W e e k e n d //


 Savannah, Savannah, Savannah. It’s a place I’ve blogged on before, but since I recently spent a weekend there for a cousin’s wedding, I thought I’d do another post with things to do! Second time’s the charm, in this case! 

  Coming to the city with fresh eyes, I’ve narrowed it down to some stuff that you can easily fit in for a short weekend getaway! 👉🏻🌎 

Here are my top picks for things to do in Savannah when you only have the weekend!

Bonaventure Cemetery

 Creepy? Maybe. Gorgeous? Definitely. Bonaventure was something I didn’t get to really appreciate until this time around. September’s mild temperatures were preferable to July’s sweltering heat, for sure. I got to walk around and really explore, seeing some really unique tombstones and taking in the history.

 Bonaventure also gives free tours every second Saturday/Sunday of the month around 2:00pm, which can be really informative! If you want to see a peaceful place with Spanish moss galore that is picturesque, Bonaventure is the ticket! 🎟

Carriage or Trolley Tour 🐴 🚋 

 My first time to Savannah, we did a trolley tour and this time around, we did a carriage tour. I’d recommend either one highly! The carriage horses are treated very humanely. Teddy here took us all around the city and we heard so many interesting things about Savannah’s history!

 The trolley tours are also great and you can get on and off as many times as you want! If you want a more intimate tour, take a carriage tour. If you want to cover more ground and experience a lot in a day, do a trolley tour!

Stroll Down Jones Street/River Street

Do one or do both, but get out in the city and walk around!

 Jones Street is residential, but has been voted several times as the #1 Most Beautiful Street in Savannah. Walk around there or any of Savannah’s side streets to get a feel for the beautiful architecture, landscaping and local life. River Street is more commercial. You’ll definitely want to go down there to see the barges come in with cargo, grab some candied pecans and even see some vendors selling things on the weekend! 

Visit Tybee Island

 For some beach time, go to Tybee Island. 🌴You can walk along the beach, check out some stores and local eateries and even tour Tybee Lighthouse if you want! Less commercial than downtown Savannah, it will give you a dose of the beach for your weekend!

Leopold’s Ice Cream & The Olde Pink House

 For food, you have to go to The Olde Pink House for lunch. It’s a 5 Star restaurant and you can also tour the rest of this historic home that was built in 1771 after you eat! 

 Leopold’s is also a must for dessert! Their ice cream is delicious and they have been around for nearly 100 years! Other notable mentions for food: The Cotton Exchange Cafe, Cafe M, Huey’s & The Pirate House. 

The only restaurant I would not recommend is Paula Deen’s. I know, utter blasphemy coming from a fellow Southerner’s mouth, but it wasn’t worth the hype. Subpar food, not that great of service and, you didn’t hear this from me, but I saw employees going to the bathroom still wearing their aprons, which is a no-no. 🤢

 Whatever you choose to do on your next trip to Savannah, I’m sure you’ll have a great time! The Southern food, charm and sightseeing can’t be beat! 🍹


\\ S a v a n n a h, G e o r g i a //

A Musing

 Savannah, Georgia. It’s a beautiful city, full of interesting architecture, hanging Spanish moss that sets a romantic & spooky mood at the same time, great seafood and hundreds of things to do!

  We covered a lot of ground this past week while we were there for the first time, so I’ve tried to highlight some of the coolest things we did! Savannah really has a little bit of something for everyone.

For The Outdoor Lover/Green Spaces Enthusiast

  I’ve heard Savannah compared to Charleston quite a bit, maybe because they both have pretty, pastel colored homes, wrought iron, nice beaches and history, but Savannah has way more parks and squares per mile than Charleston. About every couple of blocks, there is a nicely outlined square that was designed in the 1700’s and then there is Savannah’s biggest park, Forsyth Park, which you have to visit! The fountain at its center resembles the one in Central Park in New York and there are a few Civil War monuments as well.

 I would definitely recommend taking a stroll through one of the many squares or Forsyth, which is so beautiful.

For the Antique Lover/History Buff

  I love exploring antique stores in the new places I go to! A great one is Alex Roskin’s Antiques on Forsyth Park next to The Armstrong House. It’s in a 4 story mansion that definitely gives off some haunted vibes! 😱 I couldn’t afford anything there, including an awesome bust of Mark Twain’s head and several furniture pieces from the 1800’s, but it is so interesting just to go through and look at this old house. Every room is crammed full and there are even some porches you can walk out on to where you are level with the palm trees and you can gaze out at the park below. It was awesome!

  I would also suggest taking in the River Walk. There are several antique stores down there, as well as cobblestone streets, cute eateries and a view of the port, which can accommodate 98% of America’s cargo, where ships bring in and take out things going all over the world.

For The Beach Goer

   A vacation wouldn’t be a full trip without a trip to the beach! Luckily, Savannah is close to Tybee Island and Hilton Head. Hilton Head is a little fancier, but they are about the same parking expenses wise.

  My pick would be Hilton Head if you’re just going for the sun and waves, but Tybee if you would like to take in a lighthouse while you are there too. The admission to Tybee Lighthouse is only $9 and you get to see all the outbuildings, go up the 178 stairs to the lighthouse observatory and check out the museum under the battery.

For The Cemetery/Church Explorer

 Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pictures of Bonaventure Cemetery, but it is a beautiful place full of 100+ year old tombstones and a Grave Lookup Machine, which comes in handy when you are trying to find specific markers.

   For a great church to see, I would visit Old St. John’s Cathedral. It is gorgeous and has free admission, but be respectful since it is still a functioning church with regular services still held.

For The Foodie

 Everyone has to eat, right? There are so many great places to eat in Savannah. I personally liked Fiddler’s Restaurant, which had delicious crab cakes and Leopold’s Ice Cream for its amazing desserts. Pictured here is the peppermint ice cream, which is to die for! 😍 Leopold’s is one of the top 5 ice cream parlors in the world!

  For The Plantion Lover

  Now sadly, we didn’t get to go in Wormsloe Plantation this time around since we had a packed schedule, but I will definitely be going back! I had to snap a picture or two of their tree lined driveway though! It is a $10 admission. Definitely someplace I want to visit when I come back to Savannah!

Have any of my readers been to Savannah? Where are some of your favorite places to go?

Also, P.S. I would highly recommend a trolley tour while you are there. Old Towne Trolley Tours offers a $29 per person deal which I found to be worth every penny! They have 15 stops and an all day on-and-off feature so you can go back to stops you missed and disembark and get on as many times as you want!