Tips for Saving 💰 So You Can Travel

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 The last few days have been excruciating.

You know that feeling you get when you really, REALLY want something? It could be some ridiculously, towering dessert, covered in chocolate and caramel. Or a certain piece of clothing (Okay, you caught me. I really wanted that shirt because it was perfect! 😫) that you just know would fill that gap in your wardrobe.

I’ve been really, really wanting something the past few days, something I can’t just go get at the store, the drive thru, or anywhere else: TRAVEL.

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but I have been trying (and pretty successfully, most days) to come up with ways to save for a big, jet-setting trip to Italy. 🇮🇹 I thought I’d share some of those ways with you all, in case any of you are trying to do the same thing!

Or hey, even if you’re saving up for a car or a house, or anything else! These tips have actually helped my husband and I save up enough to buy the house we’re in now and pay off two cars! 🚗

1. Make a Goal Board.

I think it helps you a TON to have a Goal Board, or just a physical representation of what it is you want. The map pictured above is my version of one—Tim bought this map and I’ve stuck red pins in the places I’ve been. It hangs in our living room and I see it everyday; it’s a good reminder of all the places I want to go.

I know people who have done similar things for weight loss goals or getting healthy, by hanging up clothes they want to get into. Or I’ve heard of people just jotting down what it is they want. They make a plan. When you have a plan, it makes your dreams more real and it gives your goals feet. I also post inspirational pictures of where I want to go as my phone’s wallpaper. It even makes me think twice about online purchases! Pictures of Cinque Terre are waaay better than anything I could get on eBay!

2. Stop getting _______.

For me, this was coffee. ☕️ Coffee, going out to eat, seeing movies, impulse buys, whatever it may be, cut it out. These things all add up really quickly. I started making coffee and more meals at home. We have a Netflix account, so we just binge watch our favorite shows, like Prison Break, instead of going to movies. 😂

Just look at those types of expenditures that seem to happen 3+ times in a week and consider eliminating them, or at least making a promise that you’ll only go once a week. You’ll be amazed at how much this helps you save!

3. Download a Budgeting App. 

This is an example of our budget on an app called Good Budget. It’s free on the App Store AND it doesn’t require you to link your personal accounts, like Mint and some other companies, which I just don’t trust.

I really like it because Tim and I can be on it at the same time and put any purchases in there in real time. As you can see, we’ve come up with different categories—you can make up to 10! This has helped us so much to be able to go back each month and look at how we spent our money…and how we wasted it.

4. Get a Total $$$ for your trip.

It helps to have an actual, concrete number in mind. For example, I think I will need right around $6,000 for the trip I want us to take. Having that number in mind helps me to make adjustments to our budget, cut back on spending and it gives me something to work towards!

5. Anything extra you can, save it and DON’T touch it! 

When I say don’t touch it, I mean DON’T. TOUCH. IT. Put it away in an account and add to it, but never take from it. This is the only way to really make any headway on saving!

Do you all have any tips for saving money for trips? Are there any trips you’re wanting to go on in the next few months? If you’re on any right now, feel free to share pictures! 😂 I’ll be living vicariously through you and drinking my homemade iced coffee!