Houdini the Hamster 

A Musing

  I’m really sad today. 😥 Houdini our hamster passed away last night. This blog post is for him.

  He was a sweet little guy. 🐹 We got him a little over 2 years ago from a pet store. At first, he really didn’t trust us. It took about a month to get him used to us by putting treats in our hands until he would take them from us. He went from craning his neck out as far as he could to get it, then eventually he would put his paws on my hand and take the treat, then he got to where he would let us pick him up. ❤️

 This picture makes me laugh! 😂 Houdini was out early in the morning and I snapped the lamp on and he froze! He would always be out early in the morning and late at night and I would get him out and hold him.

  Hamsters don’t live very long, but just like any other pet, you love them. So don’t ever let anyone make you feel silly for mourning the loss of a pet. They are a part of your family. 

  Houdini made us laugh, cuddled with us and was so sweet and tame. He was the first hamster I’d ever had—my husband Tim had one as a kid and he convinced me to get one. Houdini was also a part of Tim’s magic show. 🐹

  I cried a little today, but Twix, our rabbit, helped me cheer up, and I’m sure the pets I watch this week will help me too. 

  We have been so lucky to have such sweet pets. 💕 I think sometimes, they find us. I’m also grateful that I had some time with Houdini the day before he passed away. He hadn’t been acting like his normal self—really, it had been a few months that he had seemed just slower and shaky in his movements. He came out less and just seemed to age overnight. 

  The other day, I got him out and just held him and he snuggled up in my hand. He actually fell asleep, which he had never done before. ❤️ I think he knew he was loved. When we found him the next day, he just looked like he had fallen asleep, so I know he went peacefully. 

 Houdini, you will be missed. You made us smile and laugh and you were such a good little hamster, even the couple of times you escaped, you came back to us and climbed into our hands instead of running away. 😂 You will always be my first and favorite hamster and you made me really appreciate that every living thing is important, from the biggest animals to the very smallest. Love you, Dini. ❤️