The Girl Behind The Redhead Chronicles

A Musing

  The Little Redhead Girl in Charlie Brown. Ariel from The Little Mermaid. Daphne from Scooby Doo. Cheryl Blossom from the Archie Comics. What is it with our obsession with redheads, gingers or carrot tops, as we’re often called?

   I’ve been meaning to do a post like this for a while now. One of my readers commented on one of my older list posts, 10 Reasons Not To Mess With Redheads, and talked about how she and her husband were both redheads and all of the fun they had together! It made me smile because all my life, my hair has been a big part of my personality too.
  When I first started this blog, I played around with names, but The Redhead Chronicles came to me pretty quickly. It seemed like the natural choice—I’m a natural born redhead, whose hair has changed from red, to carrot orange, to strawberry blonde over the years. 

   As for the “Chronicles” part, it seemed to me the perfect word to kind of pull all the elements of my life together. The part of me that loves travel, fashion, culture, estate sales, & the part of me who was an ex culinarian, holding nearly every job in the restaurant biz. 

  For me, The Redhead Chronicles is purely me, just in blog form, sharing my dreams, passions…and occasionally my rants. 🤗😂

  I started this blog in the hopes that I could impart my redheaded spirit to all my readers, sharing things I love to do and my journey through the last 6 years, going from being in restaurant jobs to owning my own petsitting business, which has freed up so much of my time to travel and do the things I love. ❤️

 I would love to do a Q&A post at some point, if there’s actually any questions you all might have for me or you would actually care to know. 

  In the meantime, I found some of these Facts About Redheads, which I found interesting!
1. MC1R is the gene responsible for red hair. It is a genetic mutation. So, we’re technically mutants. *cue The X-Men theme*

2. Only 2 % of the world has red hair. So, we’re not only mutants, but rare mutants. 

3. Redheads are more sensitive to changes in temperature and have to be put under with more anesthesia, although no one really knows why.

4. Hitler apparently thought redheads shouldn’t marry other redheads because this would produce “demon children”. 🙄 Makes me want to dig him up and slap him in the face.

5. Some famous natural redheads include: Marilyn Monroe(before Hollywood got ahold of her), Queen Elizabeth I, Galileo, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, & Chuck Norris, so we win. 👍🏻

 Do you all know any redheads or have any in your life? Or are you a redhead yourself? If you know some, tell them how awesome they are! And if you are one yourself, embrace your individuality!