Velvet Everythingβ™₯️

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Velvet is a trend that has been around for a while now. I remember in the 1990’s, it was usually incorporated into cute crop tops or dresses, but now it is everywhere, even on shoes!

I really love when velvet comes and adds an unexpected pop in certain accessories! Would you believe I thrifted these shoes?!😍 I found them at Goodwill for only $5.99! They were my size, so I had to get them! Normally, these shoes would retail for anywhere from $14.99-$24.99 easily!

I love the way velvet looks in different lighting, like in these pictures! It has a sheen and life all of its own!

I also found this 1990’s Gap Brand Velvet Shirt!😍 It is actually listed on my Etsy!πŸ‘‡πŸ»

I just loved the red and the fact that it’s such a staple piece, a button down shirt! It’s soft and comfortable, but also stylish! One of those shirts that can be worn normally or tied up!

I also thought it was such a festive red for the holidays coming up!πŸŽ„

If I can give you any tips for velvet, it would be this: THRIFT IT. πŸ™ŒπŸ»

Velvet is one of those things you can easily find at thrift stores, if you’re willing to get out there and look. I mean, you can also buy some newer pieces that incorporate it, but there’s just something about finding it secondhand and vintage!

It’s definitely a trend that has been around for the last year or so and here to stay a little while longer, I think!

What are your thoughts on the material? Do you like velvet? And if so, what’s your favorite color? I have to say green and yellow have always caught my eye!


Passion for Vintage✨

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If you’ve read my blog long enough, you know I’ve probably discussed my love of vintage with you guys! Doesn’t matter what it is—clothes, kitschy animal figurines, kitchenware—I love it all!

So much, in fact, that I keep some for myself, and I sell other pieces that I think people might like!✨

Etsy has been one of the most fun and creative outlets for me! I love sourcing out unique, retro items and bringing them to people literally all over the world! I really don’t deal in any certain thing, I just think, This is cool! and then I buy it and bring it to you guys!

There’s actually a lot of work that goes in, between finding items, taking pictures of them, doing the research—but I freaking LOVE IT. ❀️

I’m going to share with you guys some of my favorite recent finds! And P.S. the plaid/tartan dress I’m wearing in the picture above is actually on the store as well! The colors in it are amazing!😍

1. 1960’s Suede Coat with Sage Trim

Oh, wow, guys. This COAT. When I saw it, I knew it needed to go on the store! It needed some work—I had to find the perfect buttons to match it since it was missing quite a few, but—-

I think these green ones ended up matching nicely!πŸ™ŒπŸ»

The trim color on this coat, the deep pockets. LOVE it all. It has a kind of cardigan feel, which I thought was very unique!

2. 1970’s Anchor Hocking Fire King Gradient Mug

This cup is so gorgeous!😍 I’m the type of person that picks up random cups and dishes in different patterns—honestly, I’ve thought about just having mismatched everything, because who can just settle for one pattern when there is so much glorious vintage to be had in the world?!πŸ˜‚ You need a cup for every mood, right?

I thought the fade on this was so beautiful and Fire King is super collectible!

3. Made in Taiwan Dog Figurines

I’m a sucker for animal figurines. There, I said it. Sorry not sorry! I just think it is so cool that for every person out there, there is an animal figurine for them. You like dogs? Cats? Rabbits? Look long enough, and you’re bound to find some!

These are so detailed and I found so many in the wild today. I was SUPER excited. I think it is cool how there are different breeds of dog figurines, like the above two which are Pit Bull and Shiba Inu, I believe.

I want to know though—what is something vintage that you all love? Something you can’t pass up when you see it?

Vintage Style OOTDS


I love fall because it seems like you can have so much more fun with vintage style. You can bring in and incorporate all kinds of cool boots and accessories to an outfit and have I mentioned the colors?!😍

Some of my favorite colors to pair together are rust orange, mustard yellow and navy blue! And the occasional forrest green!

It seems like in spring and summer, it is all about the bright, fun pops of color, but if I’m being honest, I’m more into muted tones myself!

Like the colors in this outfit! This skirt is one from Topshop and I had to have it a few years back! I saw it being worn on the character of Spencer Hastings in Pretty Little Liars and freaking loved it. It’s got part academic sailor, school girl vibes going on, part Suckerpunch, Japanese anime vibes on the other end. πŸ™ŒπŸ» And it has the BEST POCKETS.

I found this skirt on eBay, believe it or not, and paid around $16 for it because one button was off of it, which I quickly fixed myself upon it arriving by mail! The white top I’m wearing was thrifted from a local Goodwill for $3.99. My mustard yellow cardigan is one I found at Ross the other day for just $5.99!

The boots I have are the Born brand. I found them at Dillard’s 5 years ago and loved their vintage look. I paid $59.99 for them, but they were originally $139, so that was a heck of a good deal!!!

This other outfit is another example of how I like to layer: boots, tights, a tank top dress and a baggy sweater over it! I got the sweater forever ago at Marshall’s so I don’t remember what I paid for it—not over $20 though—and it has become one of my go to pieces. The dress was $9.18 from Forever 21 and I loved the brown and polka dots!

I just love getting to mix modern and vintage looks, especially in fall! 🍁😍

What are your favorite colors to wear around this time of the year?

Edison’s Place:New Things on our Etsy!πŸ’‘

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I’ve mentioned it a few times on my blog, but Etsy has been one of the coolest creative outlets for my husband and I! We have so much fun finding things, doing photo shoots and styling them, and helping people find the things they’re looking for!

This 1980’s Tri Color Jacket is one such item! I loved the pastel colors and lightweight fabric of it! I paired it with high rise mom jeans, simple tennis shoes and a blouse!

Another favorite thing I’ve found lately–this 1960’s Striped Dress! πŸ‘—

It still had the original sales tags on it and came from an upscale department store, Miller’s, that used to be in downtown Knoxville.

I had the perfect boots and belt to pair with it! It has a very back to school vibe, don’t you think?

I also loved this geometric patterned skirt from the 1980’s I found! It is understated and the buttons up and down the front are so cute!

These are only a few things we’ve listed recently, but I have added a direct link to our Etsy, Edison’s Place, in the menus tab here on my blog, if you’re curious what kinds of things we have on our store! I also am going to link my YouTube Channel and connect it to my blog here also!

I hope you all are having a great week!

1990’s Denim Dress OOTD


This summer has been full of fun!✨

Planning for upcoming trips, hanging out with friends and some spectacular thrifting finds!πŸ™ŒπŸ» Thrifting is seriously so addictive. Once you find the first few things, it’s impossible to stop!

I found this vintage, 1990’s Old Navy Denim Dress at Goodwill one day and had to have it. I love denim because it’s so versatile! The snapfront buttons going up and down the front were cute too!

Can you believe I only paid $3.49 for this dress?!

I love when you find stuff for cheap at thrift stores and then you get up to the register and it’s half off the original price too! πŸ˜‚πŸ™ŒπŸ» I plan on styling this dress different ways into fall as well. It’s the type of dress a shirt can be worn under or a baggy sweater can be worn over the top of!

The scarf I’m wearing is actually another vintage find that I got at an estate sale for 99 cents! I loved the colors of it and that it was a lightweight silk, perfect for transitioning from summer to fall!

Do you all love denim? What’s your favorite way to wear it? Jeans, shorts, a dress or something else? βœ¨πŸ‘–