🔥How to Rock Red as a Redhead🔥

A Musing

  Hey, guys! ❤️ I hope you all have been having a great weekend! This next post was actually inspired by a comment that Oceauxnic left on another post of mine. She had asked me if I had any tips, as a redhead myself, for wearing the color red!

  Red is such a bold and powerful color! 🔥 Whenever you wear it, it tends to take center stage and catch the eye. To make things even more complicated, there are hundred of different shades of red when it comes to clothing and hair! So, here are some tips I have for helping you rock your best red! ❤️

1. Determine what shade of red hair you have.

 There are cool shades of red and warm shades of red, light, medium and dark shades as well. I am a strawberry blonde 🍓, so I am on the lighter shade of the spectrum. For that reason, I have found that I tend to hate myself when I wear pastels, but especially pastel pinks. Figure out what shade of red your hair is closest to! Skin tone can also play a factor in what shades look best on you and which don’t. I am technically an autumn and so I tend to look great in browns, greens and purples and I have very fair skin, like a majority of natural redheads do. 

2. Look through your wardrobe and be objective.

 When you look in your closet, do you see several different shades of red or just one shade? If you have a lot of the same color red and you don’t like how it looks on you, you may need to change it up! 

 Some of us look great in bright reds, some of us lean more towards dark, almost burgundy reds. Using what you now know about your hair color and skin tone, try these red pieces of clothing on and decide if they still work for you.

3. Go shopping for lipstick.

  If you are still having trouble determining what reds look best on you and don’t want to ditch your red clothes yet, I highly recommend going lipstick shopping! 💄 

  This is probably the easiest and best way to see what reds work with your hair and skin tone!


 You can do swatches like this on your arm or have a salesperson help match you to some great red tones. Pictured above, I have Anew Perfectly Natural(an Avon brand), Revlon Wine With Everything, Revlon Certainly Red and NARS Fire Down Below. 

  I tend to like myself in lipsticks that have a hint of warm, orange tones or pink tones. The Revlon Certainly Red is the exception to the rule—it is a red with blue undertones and is much cooler and a true, bright red.

 Lipstick is an excellent way to rock red when it comes to makeup! I usually stick to more natural nudes, pinks and occasionally a bubblegum pink if I’m feeling fun, but red lipstick instantly kicks your look up a notch!

4. Seeing Red All Over!

 Sometimes, you just want to wear all red! Now that you hopefully have a better idea of what reds look best on you, go for it! This dress I have is a bright and cool red, which I think tends to look good with my lighter hair.

 This second dress is a darker shade of red, more like the shade I love when it comes to lipsticks! They give off different tones. I tend to think the first looks better with my hair/skin tone, but I love them both! What do you think?

5. Wear red on bottom or top only.

 I am a big fan of this tip! Since red is such a strong color, I like to wear it either on bottom or on top. I tend to prefer wearing it on bottom, if I had to pick!

 My reason for this is that, when red is worn as a skirt or pair of pants, it is a little further away from your hair and thus doesn’t clash as much. For that reason, I think it is easier to even wear those shades of red that maybe don’t look the best, but you love them anyway! ❤️

  It also helps create a cohesive look with just a pop of color that adds interest to your outfit! (Sidenote: I’ve been looking for some red shoes, actually! They’re so classic! 👠)

6. Wear red as an accessory.

  I love wearing red as an accessory! 😍

  Whether it’s a scarf, jewelry, a purse, shoes, a hat, whatever, red accessories can be so fun! Just like with lipstick, accessories can be a small way to wear red, but it can make a huge statement!

7. Get clothes that have patterns in red on them.

  I, unfortunately, don’t have any great examples of this in my own closet, but here is a picture I found of a white dress with red polka dots!

 I love simple patterns like polka dots, florals or stripes! If you want to slowly integrate red into your wardrobe, since it can be a little overwhelming, try going for a pattern that incorporates red instead of a solid red piece of clothing!

  A dress like this is still fun and has a pop of red and would look awesome with red heels and jewelry! I think patterns are an exception to your color palette sometimes too. A dress that has smaller doses of red like the one above would probably look pretty well with all the different shades of red hair out there!

 Well, that is all my tips for how you can rock red clothing as a redhead! Do you all have any other tips? What color red hair do you have and what color red do you think looks best with it?



A Musing

I think my favorite thing about fall and winter is layering. I’m a jacket and scarf kind of person. More often than not, I’m the type of person that will throw on a scarf instead of a necklace. It adds so much texture and color to an outfit, not to mention warmth. ☃️

About a week ago, I took the above picture when we got some snow here in Tennessee. 1 1/2 inches, people.  Around here, that is cause to run to the grocery store and grab as much milk and bread as you can possibly carry. 😂 Still not sure why…I’ve never made Bread and Milk Casserole before. 🤔 🍞 

Anyways, the gray scarf was a gift from some of the animals I watch and the plaid bomber jacket was an AWESOME find at a thrift store somewhere in North Carolina that I got for like $4. I HAD TO GET IT.

I also got this red scarf here for 99 cents at a thrift store closer to home. There’s just something about the color red and snow…it just pops. And it matched the beanie (another gift from pets) I recently acquired perfectly.

This is a more recent OOTD from the other day. The snow has long since melted and it has been 60 degrees some days around here. It’s SO weird. A part of me wants to wear shorts and another part of me can’t help but remember it’s JANUARY. January is supposed to be cold! 

So, this quarter sleeves sweater I found at a Goodwill in Cookeville has been perfect for the crazy weather. It’s tapered in the back, so I love wearing it with leggings and ankle boots and it has an awesome cowl/turtleneck thing going on. It was only $3!!! 😱 And when I checked the tag later, 💯 % cashmere! I also loved the neutral brown color. 

I thought it went well with my hair and as I’ve gotten older, I find myself drawn to more muted Fall type colors. They just go so well with everything and look classy. It also doesn’t hurt they match this pair of glasses Tim got me a while back. 👓 

Also, it has been kind of rainy lately. ☔️ These rooster rain boots I got from Cracker Barrel last Christmas have been on repeat. They not only keep me from getting caked in mud during petsits and petwalking, but they are so cute!

What are some of your favorite style tips for crazy switcharoo weather patterns? And which find do you like best that I found? The red scarf, the Plaid bomber jacket, or the neutral brown sweater?